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Pre Calculus Question

Given 𝑠𝑖𝑛𝜃 = −1 and 𝑐𝑜𝑠𝜃 > 0, find (a) 𝑠𝑖𝑛2𝜃, and (b) 𝑐𝑜𝑠2𝜃


Help me!!! Algebra 2

solve each equation for the given domain:1)4cos2θ=1 for 0°≤θ≤360°2)cos2θ+cosθ-1=0 for 0°≤θ≤180°


Trigonometry Question

Solve 5sin2θ-18sinθ-8=0 for 0≤θ≤360°a) θ≈203.6° or 336.4°b) θ≈240° or 300°c) θ≈33.6° or 156.4°d) θ≈30° or 150°


Find all angles θ between 0° and 180° satisfying the given equation sin(θ) = 1/8

This is a trig question my math teacher gave and i am confused. I thought the answers were 4.2 and 172.8


Theta of right triangle

c=30 and b=32, solve for a and theta


Prove the following identity:

prove the following identity:   2sin^2(x)/sin2(x)+cot(x)=sec(x)csc(x)


Tan theta= cot(10 degrees +5theta)

Find one angle theta that satisfies tan theta = cot(10 degrees + 5 theta)


tan theta= -3 how is theta 108.4 degrees

tan theta= -3   how is theta 108.4 degrees  


cos theta - sin 20 = 0

i need this for homework please


sin theta= -0.866 where pi<theta<3pi/2 find cos theta

pls hurry 


tan theta=-3/4 and 90<theta<180 Find sin2 theta

Plz give me answer fast


sin theta = 1/4 find theta+pi/6 in quadrant 2

i think the question said find exact solution? 


if cos theta = 0.3090 which of the following represents approximate values of sin theta and tan theta for: 0 degrees < theta < 90 degrees

answer choices sin theta = 0.9511; tan theta = 0.3249 sin theta = 0.9511; tan theta = 3.0780 sin theta = 3.2362; tan theta = 0.0955 sin theta = 3.2362; tan theta = 10.4731
Theta Pre Calculus


Find an angle ø with 0<ø<360 or 0<ø<2pi that has the same sine value as 3pi/8

I want to know how to solve this in radians 

Find the trig value below.

If cscØ = 4/3, find sinØ + sinØ cot^2 Ø

Trigonometry question?

Suppose P(-5/6,y) is a point on the unit circle in the third quadrant. let θ be the radian measure of the angle in standard position with P on the terminal side, so that θ is the circular... more
Theta Tan


find value for sec theta when tan theta=-sqrt root 11 divided by 5, cos theta<0

find value for sec theta when tan theta=-sqrt root 11 divided by 5, cos theta<0

Find the value for Cos(theta) if the following conditions hold: Cos(2theta)=1/sqrt2 and 180 degrees < 0 < 270 degrees

This is a trigonometric Identity related question.

If sin(theta)=-.95, find theta when 0(is less than or equal to)theta(is less than or equal to)2pi

If sin(theta)=-.95, find theta when 0(is less than or equal to)theta(is less than or equal to)2pi without solving by graphing.


Solve the equation...

Solve sin(2θ) = cos(θ) for 0 ≤ θ < 2π (Hint: there will be a total of 4 solutions!)


Convert from Polar to Rectangular Form

Convert the following from Polar to Rectangular Form:   r=3sinΘ(Theta)-4cosΘ(Theta)


If f( ? ) = sin ?, what is f(5p /3)?

The π  next to the 5 is pi. pls explain


Solve each equation on the interval

0 less than or equal to theta less than or equal to 2pi cos(theta)=1/2 cos(theta)=-square root 3/2

Write the complex number in polar form

4-3i   Express in 0 less than theta less than 360



supppose t is a number and tangent of theta equals t and 0<theta<90. find all of the angles between 0 and 360 whose tangent equals -t

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