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This is a trig question that is too long to put in the title. See description

A small pebble stuck on the tread of a car’s tire is travelling at a linearspeed of 35 miles per hour. If the radius of the tire were 1 inch greater and itsangular velocity were the same, the... more


How to find the points of intersection between a circle and a parabola?

Use x(squared)+2y=12 and x(squared)+y(squared)=36 as an example. I've been trying to review for my finals and this is the topic that has been very challenging for me. Thank you!


Find the circle's center and radius:

Circle Area Radius


How much does the area of the original circle increase?

A circle has a radius of A meters. If the radius doubles,how much does the area of the original circle increase?


Geometry/math problem

How much of the field is being watered ?-It's a rectangle-it's 92 circles inside-diameter is d=50ftarea of the rectangle (550ft x350ft=192,500) minus the area of the circle,then divide.


Finding the equation of a circle with a curvature equal to the curvature of a given curve at a point

"Find an equation for the circle of curvature of the curve r(t)=8t i + sin(5t) j at the point (4pi,1). (the curve parameterizes the graph of y=sin(5/8X) in the xy plane) Ive already found v(t)=8... more


What Fraction of The Circumference Radians

4pi/3 Describe what fraction of the circumference of a full circle is spanned by an angle with the given measure
Circle Tangent


Tangent Line and Circle

Find the values of c such that the line with equation y=2x+c is a tangent to the circle with equation x^2+y^2=25.


Pre-Calculus: Circle

It has a diameter with endpoints A(-1,4) and B(4,2)
Circle Math Geometry Area


HELP, Please! Math :open ended explain

What is the surface area and volume of the sphere shown below?


I need to work out the elipse a half circle that is vertical leaves on to a pitched surface

Say the half circle had a radius of 800mm and it was casting back of to a pitched line of 45 degrees it would leave an elipse how do i work that out ? And is therr a set formula so i can change... more


Horizontal Height in a Circle in terms of Time

Background: a Ferris Wheel has a diameter of 135 feet and a maximum height of 150 feet. Its ride duration is 10 minutes and it makes two complete rotations in this time. Assume that at time t = 0,... more


How would you rotate a circle?

I know you logically don't have to, since it is a circle after all, but what would the formula be (in standard form) for a cicle (or semicircle I suppose) turned by, say, π/2 (90°)?


How do you convert a shifted parametric circle equation to rectangular form?

x=-2cos((1/2)t-(π/2))+23y=2sin((1/2)t-(π/2))+6specifically, how do you separate the stuff inside the cos/sin parenthesis to eliminate a parameter? I find all kinds of solved simple circle... more
Circle Math Geometry


Raidus of a Circle With Given Information

A chord is 48cm and another chord is 40cm. The 48cm chord is 8cm closer to the center of the circle than the 40cm chord. What is the radius of the circle?


Circle diameter and revolution

A wheel of a compact car has a 25-inch diameter. The wheel of a pick up truck has 31-inch diameter. To the nearest inch, how much further does the pick up truck wheel travel in one revolution than... more
Circle Trigonometry


Trigonometry and equation of a circle

Consider the circle with equation x^2+y^2-4y=0 and the point P(5,2). Draw a diagram to show the circle and the two lines from P that are tangent to the circle. Find the angle between the two... more
Circle Geometry


Radius √14 and center (−6,−7)

Find the standard form of the equation for the circle with the following properties.


Finding Perimeter and Area on a cross section

I don't really get how cross-section works. So um, this is the problem:   "You cut the cake vertically to make two congruent parts." Image: https://i.imgur.com/QfyZQ8d.png   A) Find the... more

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