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Interval Calculus


*integral sign* (3x^3-2x^2+5)dx


Minimum and Maximum at a point

Find the minimum and maximum values of the function, x^3-6x^2+8 on the interval [1,3] by comparing values at the critical point s and end points.


Inequality/interval notation question

Let S be (−∞,3]∪[15,∞) Then S can also be described in set notation by the inequality |x−a|≥b   a=? b=?

Given the function value and the quadrant restirction, find θ?

Sin θ=-0.9744   (270°, 360°)


Which of the following must be true?

For the differentiable function on the interval [1, 3] f(1)=-2   f(2)=4  f(3)=-2 Which of the following must be true? I. There must be at least one point on the interval where is zero.II. There... more
Interval Equations


Show that an equation has a solution

show that (x^3)/2=sin [ πx/4 + π/2) has a solution over the interval [0,2] 


Write the set of points from −6 to −1 but excluding −4 and −1 as a union of intervals:

How do I do this??

Co ordinate geometry

(a) Find the gradient of the interval AB, where A = (3, 0) and B = (5, −2).(b) Find a if AP ⊥ AB, where P = (a, 5).(c) Find the point Q(b, c) if B is the midpoint of AQ.(d) Find d if the interval... more
Interval Trigonometry Pi


Solve the following in the interval of [0,2π)

1. 4 cos x * 2 √ 3 = 0 2. 2sin^2 x - sin x = 1 3. cos^2 x = cos x


Solve the equation on the interval [0,360) 2sin^2(x)+3sin(x)+1=0

As well as this one below. I'm just having trouble understanding the process and steps.     Find all the solutions in [0,2pi) sin^2(t)-cos^2(t)=0 3. Solve the equation on the interval [0,360)  ... more


I'm having trouble with several questions listed below:

1. Find the exact value of cos(t/2) if sin(t) = -7/25 and pi < t < 3pi/2    2. Find all the solutions in the interval [0,360]        cos(2x)= - sqrt3/2   


Solve the given equation over the interval [0, 2π): 2 cos x − sin2 x = cos2 x.

Solve the given equation over the interval [0, 2π): 2 cos x − sin2 x = cos2 x.   A. x=(5pi/6) and x=(7pi/6) B. x=(2pi/3) and x=(4pi/3) C. x=(pi/6) and x=(11pi/6) D. x=(pi/3) and... more
Interval Tangent Cosine


solve tan(x/2)=sqrt3/3

solve on the interval [0,2(pie)).  The square root is just on the top 3 not the whole fraction.


Statistics: A recent study of 40 randomly selected children ages 6-8 found that the mean length of time spent watching television

A recent study of 40 randomly selected children ages 6-8 found that the mean length of time spent watching television each week was 12 hours and the standard deviation was 2.5 hours. The mean time... more

did I solve this right?

In a recent sample of 84 used car sales costs, the sample mean was $6,425 with a standard deviation of $3,156. Assume the underlying distribution is approximately normal. i. Construct a 95%... more


Did I solve this correctly?

You were interested in how long the average psychology major at your college studies per night, so you asked 10 psychology majors to tell you the amount they study. They told you the following... more


help with average rate of change

Can someone help me figure out exactly what steps I am supposed to take here. I am not really sure how to input numbers [0,6] into this equation being the letters are g and t not x and y. Any... more
Interval Solutions Cosine Sine


2sin(pi/3x) =sqrt2

Find all solutions on the interval 0< (or equal to) theta < 2pi   Help! Show steps please. thanks


Solving For X In The Interval

Solve for x in the interval...   0<x<2π: 3sin2(2x+1)+2sin(2x+1)-1=0   My teacher says there should be 6 answers.  I have a TI-84 calculator, so maybe there's a way to plug this in to find... more

Calculus Homework- Function & Absolute Max and Min

Consider the function f(x)=2x2−2x+6, 0≤x≤6. The absolute maximum of f(x) (on the given interval) is _________ and the absolute minimum of f(x) (on the given interval) is __________.


Fuctions, Interval, Increasing/ Decreasing, Concave up/ Concave Down (Using Calculus)

Consider the function f(x)=3x+6/6x+3                                                For this function there are two important intervals: (−∞,A) and (A,∞) where the function is not defined at... more


find area under curve

Using the left-had approximation method with 5 equal subintervals, find the area under the curve f(x)=√(1+x3) on the interval [0,1].   a.) 1.074 b.) 1.156 c.) 2.356 d.) 1.110
Interval Equation Cosine Theta


Solve each equation on the interval

0 less than or equal to theta less than or equal to 2pi cos(theta)=1/2 cos(theta)=-square root 3/2
Interval Equation Sine Sin


sin^2x=5 has how many solutions on the interval 0 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi?

A.0 B.2 C.1 D.Infinity   I need a step by step on how to do this.

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