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Plane Geometry Geometry


If a base angle of an isosceles triangle is 16 degrees more than half of the measure of its vertex angle, then the vertex angle is ? Degrees. Show your work

Practice problem I’m very confused on. Please help me!
Plane Geometry Calculus Probability


Two individuals are walking around a cylindrical tower. What is the probability that they can see each other?

It'd be of the greatest interest to have not only a rigorous solution, but also an intuitive insight onto this simple yet very difficult problem: Let there exist some tower which has the shape of... more
Plane Geometry Geometry Gre


Is this GRE math problem wrong?

I'm working out of the Manhattan GRE test prep book and I've come across a question that I can't figure out why they chose the answer they did. "Perpendicular lines m and n intersect at point... more
Plane Geometry Geometry Trigonometry


Why are turns not used as the default angle measure?

Why is $2\\pi$ radians not replaced by $1$ turn in formulas? The majority of them would be simpler. If such a replacement was proposed earlier, why was it declined?
Plane Geometry Mathematics Scalene Triangle


Trisected Line Segment of a Scalene Triangle. What is the length of the trisected angle given all three sides of the scalene?

I keep on getting away from the answer by about the same number, either upper or lower. Please help me find CD. The problem is found in the link below. It is slightly different from my problem, but... more

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