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Courtney T.

asked • 01/28/13

Can anyone help me on my Volume Practice Worksheet?

My teache gave us this worksheet with only 4 math problems. We did math problems similar to this in class today but it was not exactly like this. She gave us the base, length, and height and we just had to double or triple some. That's it. I've never done and she's never teached us how to find the base and height for volume of a shape before.

π= pi

  1. If a cylinder has a volume of 45π, what is the volume of a cone with the same base and height?
  2. A cylinder has a volume of 40π. If the radius is doubled and the height is tripled, what is the new volume of the cylinder?
  3. A cube has a volume of 125 in3 . If all side lengths are doubled, what is the new volume?
  4. A cone has a volume of 75π. If the radius of the circle base is 5, what is the height of the cone?

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George C. answered • 01/28/13

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Michael B. answered • 01/28/13

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