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Pi Problem

An odometer determines the distance a car has traveled by counting the number of revolutions the tires has made. It calculates the distance traveled by multiplying the number of revolutions by the... more

Billy likes to go cycling

His bike has wheels of diameter 85cm.   He has invented a counter for his bike, which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make.   One day the counter shows 150 revolutions.   How... more

how may 15sq ft covering cans of spray paint will be needed to cover a 28"high by 22 diameter trash can

I have spray paint cans that say they'll cover 15 sq ft of plastic. I have a cylindrical trash can. This can only needs the upright outside portion of the surface area painted. how many cans of... more


solve the equation on the interval 0 = ? 2p



what is pi?

I don't understand pi. Please send me the answer soon.


Solve for x.

sqr(3)(sin(x))+(cos(x))=2   How do i get an answer of x = π/3 +2kπ, k=0,±1,±2,±3...(i.e.,...,-5π/3,π/3,7π/3,...)   The π is pi


How to practice math before the crct

Hi . I was just wondering how can I study math before the crct . Its coming up next week and I really need help on a lot of stuff . like algebra (RATIOS) , perimeter and finding the surface area... more


Use Stokes' Theorem to evaluate the surface integral?

Use Stokes' Theorem to evaluate the surface integral where F=<zx^2, z(e^xy^2)-x, x*ln (y^2)> and where S is the portion of z=1-x^2-y^2 above the xy-plane with n upward. Answer:... more


What is the square rote of pi

Square route of pie


Can anyone help me on my Volume Practice Worksheet?

My teache gave us this worksheet with only 4 math problems. We did math problems similar to this in class today but it was not exactly like this. She gave us the base, length, and height and we... more

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