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Degrees Math Calculus


Quadrant type of problem

In a quadrant there are four sides sooo


Convert The Angle of Measure from Radians to Degrees

Convert the angle measure from radians to degrees. (Enter your answer in exact form.)θ=4pi/7
Degrees Angles


Angles in college algebra

Solve for x then find the measure of each angle. (2x+6)degrees [2(8x-3)]degrees
Degrees Geometry Pentagon


What is the measure of each interior angle of a regular pentagon?

The answers include 36°, 72°, 108°, 120°, 144°


How many km are in 5 degrees of longitude?

How many km are in 5 degrees of longitude?Thanks in Advance! :)


how high does the ladder reach on the building in feet?

A ladder of height 11 feet leans against a building so that the angle between the ground and the ladder is t∘, where 0<t<90. In terms of t, how high does the ladder reach on the building in... more
Degrees Maths


degrees and angles

A wheel with a circumference of 15 cm has covered 1.35 km in its lifetime. Which of the following is correct to workout the number of degrees the wheel has turned so far? A. 135000 X 15 / 360 B.... more


A motor makes 7449.5 complete rotations in 3.17 minutes. What calculation would give the number of degrees the motor rotates in 12.6 seconds?

a motor makes 7449.5 complete rotations in 3.17 minutes.


enter the poly nomial

Degree 4; zeros: 3 plus 3 i ; 1 multiplicity 2   a(x-2i)(x-5)(x+5)(x+5)(x-5) ax^5-2ax^4-50ax^3+100ax^2+625ax-1250ai this doesnt feel right, what am i dong wrong
Degrees Math Angle


Radians to degrees

I am having a bit of a blank moment, when converting radians to degrees you know that, 2 x pi x radians = 360 degrees. so that pi x radians  = 180 degrees. Which should mean that radians on its... more
Degrees Angles Theta


Tan theta= cot(10 degrees +5theta)

Find one angle theta that satisfies tan theta = cot(10 degrees + 5 theta)
Degrees Math Trigonometry


Convert each radian measure to degree. Write your answer to the nearest second.

1. 3.2 2. 3pi 3. 2pi/3 4. 6 5. -4.15
Degrees Math Algebra


A hot air balloon is flying in the sky near a 45-meter high building. The angle of depression of the top and the bottom of the building from the operator are 10

degrees and 22 degrees respectively. Find the horizontal distance between the balloon and the building.   thank youu so much in advance geniuss!💓 y'all helped me alot 😊


Determine the height of a capsule/pod above the ground after 25 mins.

The diameter of the "Eye" is 135 meters and each rotation takes 30 mins. By first developing a suitable model to represent the rotation of the "Eye", determine the height of a capsule/pod above the... more
Degrees Geometry Point


Moving a point 270 degrees

Move point (-7,1). 270 degrees clockwise. Then give the coordinates of the final point. 


If a playground swing is 8 feet long and it's rider swings through a distance of 9.5 feet, what angle does the swing travel through?

working on degrees, radians, angles, sin, cosine, tangent


suppose there is n = 40 points in the plane, each with a distinct x coordinate.

 What is the smallest degree d such that there is always polynomial of degree d whose graph passes through all n points?
Degrees Trigonometry Area


Calculate the area of the triangle. A=137 degrees, b=628.3 m, c=843.1m

What would the area of the triangle be if angle A is 137 degrees, side b is 628.3 m and side c is 843.1 m?


lisa walks 15 feet from the base of the tree.

lisa walks 15 feet from the base of the tree. She measures an angle of elevation from the ground to the nest of 62. Find how high the nest is above the ground, to the nearest foot.
Degrees Decimal Form


If x=arctan(-3/4) and x+y=210 degrees, then cosy=?

If x=arctan(-3/4) and x+y=210 degrees, then cosy=? (Estimate answer to two decimal places).


find the exact value?

sin 450°, cos(-780°), and tan (37π/6)
Degrees Circles Angles


circles and angles (radians and degrees)

A cell phone tower sends a signal 3 miles in all directions. If you are driving on a raod that goes straight from 3.5 miles north of the tower to a location 4 miles west of the tower, during what... more
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