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Find the vertex of the parabola with focus at (0,7) and passes through the points (±2, 7) and (±1, 5).

It would be nice if the solution is also stated so I can understand it more thoroughly. Thank you!


College algebra! Please help!

A rectangular playing field lies in the interior of an elliptical track that is 30 yards wide and 240 yards long. What is the width of the rectangular playing field if the width is located 15 yards... more


Vertex form equation

A quadratic function has zero (x-intercept) at -3 and a vertex of (2,5). What's the equation in vertex form



Identify the vertex of the system of inequalities.  

using quadratic equation

A firework is launched off a platform 5ft above the ground. The initial velocity of the rocket was 150 feet per second. A function was created to model rocket’s distance from the point it was... more


How do I write the standard form?

Given the vertex(1,-5) and the point (-1,11) write the standard form of the quadratic function whose graph is a parabola with those points.


Finding the vertex of a prabola

We saw how the function h(t)=-16t^2+64t+80, which gives the height in feet of a projectile t seconds after it is launched. Find the vertex of its parabola, which gives the maximum height of the... more
Vertex Math


what is the vertex of y=x^+2x+5

Vertex Algebra 2


given y=x^2 + bx + c vertex (-3,-5) find missing information for coefficient

Algebra 2 in general is just ummm no. Please help asap, and thanks in advance.
Vertex Parabola


What is the value of h?

The vertex of the parabola y=(x-b)^2+b+h has coordinates (2,5). What is the value of h?


Find the equation of the parabola

Find the equation of the parabola with a vertex of (5,-1), where a=1.


Pi Day Problem

If the top surface of a particular slice of pie is a sector of a circle with a vertex angle measuring 20 degrees and the length of the arc is 3.14π units, what is the perimeter(left in terms of π)... more

How come no more than 3 congruent squares can meet at each vertex of a Platonic solid

Explain why in words a 14 year old will understand 

Quadratic functions with absolute value

F(x)=-1/2|x-1|+4 please do the whole problem so I can understand each part!Find:(2) y-intercept(4) x-intercepts(1) Axis of Symmetry(2) Vertex

Let f(x)=-1/2x^2-3x+5/2

Find:(1) y-intercept (4) x-intercepts (2) Axis of Symmetry (3) Vertex

Let f(x)=-1/2x^2-3x+5/2

Find: 1. The y intercept 2. The x intercept 3. Axis on symmetry 4. Vertex

How to find the vertex through this word problem?

A salesperson finds that her sales average 40 cases per store when she visits 30 stores a week. Each time she visits an additional store per week, the average sales per store decreases by 1 case.... more

What is the equation of the parabola with vertex (-5, 4) and focus (-2, 4)?

What is the equation of the parabola with vertex (-5, 4) and focus (-2, 4)?


Find the vertex of the quadratic function. y=3(x+13)^2+1

please help

put in vertex form and determine vertex

write the quadratic function the form f(x)=a(x-h)^2+kthen, give the vertex of its graphquadratic function given: f(x)=3x^2+30x+74


Y = 2x^2-3x+5

Wats the. Vertex 

What is the standard form equation of a parabola with a vertex of (5, 6) and a directrix at y= 23/4?

What is the standard form equation of a parabola with a vertex of (5, 6) and a directrix at y= 23/4?   standard form equation of a parabola

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