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Dani M.

asked • 04/14/19

Help... extra practice

<math style="font-family:'Times New Roman'" xmlns=""><mstyle mathsize="18px"><mi>Area</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>of</mi><mo>&#x25B3;</mo><mi>A</mi><mi>O</mi><mi>B</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mfenced><mi>purple</mi></mfenced><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mo>=</mo><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>Area</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>of</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>Sector</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mi>B</mi><mi>O</mi><mi>C</mi><mo>&#xA0;</mo><mfenced><mi>pink</mi></mfenced><mo>.</mo></mstyle></math>

What is <math style="font-family:'Times New Roman'" xmlns=""><mstyle mathsize="18px"><mi>m</mi><mo>&#x2220;</mo><mi>B</mi><mi>O</mi><mi>C</mi></mstyle></math>?

Circle O with points A B C on the circle. A line connects each of the three points A B and C to the center of the circle, point O. Line segment A O is given as 12 inches. Angle A O B measures 30 degrees. A chord connects point A to point B. The triangle formed by the points A O B is shaded purple. The area of the circle enclosed by the line segments B O and C O is shaded pink.

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Doug C. answered • 04/14/19

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