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Why did not former epochs distinguish between 'art' and 'craft'?

<sub>Source: p. 18 Middle, [*Beauty: A Very Short Introduction* (2011)](https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beauty-Short-Introduction-Roger-Scruton/dp/0199229759) by Roger Scruton.</sub>>That... more
Aesthetics Art Theory


Does Danto's 'The Disenfranchisement of Art' (1984) imply that if anything can be an art then nothing is?

An ex friend claimed that if anything can be an art then nothing is, and cited the following passage as a proof:> When art internalizes its own history, when it becomes self-conscious> of its... more
Aesthetics Art Art Theory


Is there any "uniformity" in the arts?

By uniformity, I mean things like postulates, or presumptions. Can we talk about such a thing in the arts? For example, in poetry or literature (as of literary arts) or in visual arts?Thank you!


What are some good books that introduce aesthetics?

I'm an aspiring composer and painter, and I think it's really interesting how artists and philosophers have worked towards understanding art. My first question is whether or not aesthetics is... more


Does Art require an Audience?

Nietzsche consistently throughout his writings argues for a monological conception of art--art that does not seek "witnesses" or an audience. Not only did the episode with Wagner force Nietzsche to... more


What is the role of the art curator?

I keep seeing people talking about the increased importance of curation in art today.What is going on here, has any philosopher discussed this trend or possible problems linked to curation of art?... more
Aesthetics Art Theory


Philosphy of art vs psychology of art?

What are the differences between these? I am currently doing a paper on philosophy of the arts and all theories I am reading seem to me to be more psychological than philosophical, they even use... more
Aesthetics Art Theory Validity


How can one measure the quality of art?

In art (music, painting, etc.), is it meaningful to say that this piece is better than this one? I can understand somebody saying "I have more feelings, I'm more touched when I listen to this song... more
Aesthetics Music Art Art Theory


Philosophical Positions on the Purpose and Qualities of Art?

What are some philosophical stances on art and its purpose? I know this is a broad question, but any sources or thoughts would be great.I am particularly interested in music.

Does all art have a sentiment?

It occurred to me that when e.g. reading poetry, I attach a lot of significance to a kind of sentiment. It seems independent of how genteel the work is.I am interested in finding a way of thinking... more


Does Hegel's Schematization of Art Still Work?

Upon study of G.W.F. Hegel's two volume work *Lectures on Fine Art* he presents a schema of the arts based on the external and internal relations of the Idea in its dialectic mode of expression. Of... more


Does contemporary art embody the desacralisation of western culture?

Its noticable that all the great artistic traditions embody their religious worldviews. From hindu temples, christian churches, greek statues of gods and heroes, egyptian sarchophagi etc.However... more

Which scholars argue that for art to be art, it must be for art's sake?

I understand this is partially supported by Nietzsche, but do others agree or adamantly disagree with this position? If so who?
Aesthetics Art Theory


Are there objective criteria for aesthetic judgment?

Are there objective criteria for judging whether or not artworks are good art? Should we at times appeal to moral values in assessing the quality of artwork? What major approaches are there for the... more

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