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Want to learn how to play fast and controlled?



Finding profile of a tutor

I wrote to a tutor, got a reply from a different tutor, whose profile I cannot find. If I enter her name in the tutor search box, I get other tutors with the same name. Any help?


How do I position my hands on the piano?


How can I learn to play piano and sing at the same time?

I want to learn to be an entertainer. What equipment would I need and how can I train?


Would you be interested in a free 30-min trial lesson?

Finding the right teacher is extremely important as tutors are not only meant to inspire and teach you a skill, but also to be a mentor and friend. Trial lessons are important as it allows both the... more
Piano Music Theory


Have you ever wanted to learn music?



nine less than the quotient of two and a number Z


What's the best way to learn a new piece of music?

I just got a new teacher. My old teacher made me practice my right hand, then my left hand, then both hands together. Easy-peasy!My new teacher makes me analyze the piece first. What's that all... more


Alfred Adult All in One Adult Piano 1

Hello,I am beginner learning to play piano on own practicing since last 2 years I had played from other short books and then I started Alfred Adult Piano 1 since last 1 year, 4 moths on page 146 ... more

Piano - what is 'Improvisation'?

I'd like to ask what defines improvisation. I know that it revolves around playing without a score, but is the absence of a score the sole condition for improvisation? If I come up with a piano... more

How do I begin finally making music on the piano?

It's been almost 4 years since I had too much time on my hands while living in student dorms so I decided to learn to play the piano. I always loved listening to classical and suddenly listening... more


Is music theory universal?

I'm currently 17 years old and want to dedicate myself to music. I've listened to different styles of music now: jazz, funk,groove also classical (Bob acri>any pop Idol in 2018). 2 weeks ago I... more


Metric accents in time signature?

In my Tonal Harmony book by Kostka and Payne, it says: when rhythms are notated, it is customary to use beams,ties and dots in such a way that the metric accent is emphasized rather than... more


Piano Concertos: Why is Brahms 2 considered more mature than Rachmaninoff 3?

**I'm not completely satisfied with the answers so far, so more answers please! There's a nice bounty to be had!** These two titanic concertos are two of the most difficult often played concertos... more


What makes a Turkish March a Turkish March?

I can only find 2 pieces called Turkish March. There is the 5th movement of The Ruins of Athens by Beethoven. Then there is the infamous Rondo Alla Turka by Mozart. And when I search Turkish March... more


How do you play a 3 note jazz voicing for a slash chord?

Please answer for piano specifically. So classic 3 note jazz voicing to my understanding is Root in the left hand and the 3 and 7 in the right. But what if you have an inversion with 3 or 7 in the... more


What should I do about composing 'soft' accents for piano?

When composing for the piano, I often find myself writing a lot of sudden soft notes. I need an accent mark that suddenly softens notes. From my knowledge (and searching the web), I can not find... more


Accompanying a RH melody (improv/comp)?

Are there any interesting rhythms/patterns for accompanying the melody (because I can play those by ear), such as breaking chords or etc. For doing piano covers of pop music, I am able to play the... more

Do I have to be a virtuoso pianist to compose faster music?

I was about to compose my third movement of my first sonata, but the other movements are notated Andante and Adagio. I would want my final movement to be notated Allegro or something even faster... more


How could I create a musical vocabulary based on a group of similar classical pieces?

Sometimes I'll be working on a group of pieces and realize that I'd like to experiment with abstracting some of the musical ideas (rhythms, harmonies, etc) into a musical vocabulary that I could... more


Do piano composers often start out with C major?

I'm wondering if composers write their pieces starting with C major since it's just the white keys, and then later transpose the finished song to the key of their choice? Or will starting with the... more


Theory: How to tell major, minor, melodi, harmonic, natural apart?

I'm currently learning theory and need some help. I can't necessarily tell apart Major and Minor scales (from the key signature and the scales) nor can I tell the harmonic form. I remember my... more

Piano Concertos: Why is Brahms 2 considered more mature than Rachmaninoff 3?

**I'm not completely satisfied with the answers so far, so more answers please! There's a nice bounty to be had!**These two titanic concertos are two of the most difficult often played concertos in... more
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