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How much do I need to practice every week?

While taking piano lessons, how much time do I need to spend practicing each week to improve my skills?


Can I learn the piano in 2 years?

I've decided I want to startlearning piano. I want toeventually be able to play myown songs. I am 34 and I think Istill have time for it all. But I'mnot sure. What do you think? DoI still have time... more


64 student. 5/8 those student are chosen. how many student were chosen

Piano Music Theory


How do I play a C major scale on the piano?

How do I use the proper technique to play a C major scale on the piano?


How to practice?

How do you practice in between lessons? Do you have a practice plan? Care to share some tips for others?


How Do I Learn to Songwrite?

If I've never written a song before, where do I begin? If I have written a few but am not sure if they're good, how would lessons help me improve?
Piano Music Theory


ABRSM Music Theory

If a student is in 7th grade, does she have to take the ABRSM music theory test level 7 or can she take a lower level test?


Deep Music Theory

Explain 'Picardy 3rd'....what is it? How are they used? When did they initially come into usage? Etc...


What is your typical process for working with a new student?


How can I become a better sightreader?

I'm preparing for an audition that includes sight-reading and I want to get better at sight-reading in general. Do you have any advice?


What creates a minor pentatonic scale?

Piano Music Music Song


What is the name of this song/melody/piece

Video link:https://youtu.be/j4XM2vn4KVE


What's a good age I should start my child on an instrument?

This is a great question! I have been teaching over 13 years with a degree in jazz music performance from the largest music educator school in the world, also known for it's prestigious... more
Piano Music Flute


Do I need to know how to read a music before taking a lesson?

No! Beginners are very welcome to take a lesson and start your music journey here.
Piano Music


What type of piano should I buy?

I want piano lessons but I'm not sure what type of piano I should buy. Is an acoustic piano better than a keyboard?


Piano key broken

It is sticking up and I don’t know how to fix it I accidentally pulled up it up too hard


How can I improve my piano playing?


Want to learn how to play fast and controlled?



Finding profile of a tutor

I wrote to a tutor, got a reply from a different tutor, whose profile I cannot find. If I enter her name in the tutor search box, I get other tutors with the same name. Any help?


How do I position my hands on the piano?


How can I learn to play piano and sing at the same time?

I want to learn to be an entertainer. What equipment would I need and how can I train?


Would you be interested in a free 30-min trial lesson?

Finding the right teacher is extremely important as tutors are not only meant to inspire and teach you a skill, but also to be a mentor and friend. Trial lessons are important as it allows both the... more

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