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Can I schedule a lesson for four sisters?

Hoping to find someone who can give four sisters an introductory music lesson when we are together on April 6 & 7. This would be a gift to get our feet in the water, all retired and we are all... more


Am I too old to learn a new instrument?



Am I too old to learn a new instrument?



How do I find a teacher that's right for me?

Violin Music


Why does my electric violin sound so scratchy?

I just got an electric violin from amazon, put the batteries in, rosined the bow, but it sounds like a beehive :( does anyone know what this is??


Violin bow grip

There is a ton of tension in my pinky when my hand is supporting the entire weight of the bow. This goes away when the bow is resting on the string, but I cannot get it to be relaxed when holding... more

Do you also teach viola?

I started on violin, doubled both violin and viola all through my high school years, but when I graduated high school, I specialized in viola and attended The Juilliard School for my undergrad. I... more


Holding the bow

When playing violin, do you hold the bow with a pronated or supinated wrist?


Why Should I Learn Viola?

The violin is the most well known string instrument in the orchestra. The viola is often seen as the awkward middle child, always there, but what does it contribute? As a professional violist, one... more
Violin Motivation


I want to be from motivated to play the violin but i don't know how

I love playing the violin but I just don't know how to get motivated to

How many voices do violins usually play in modern orchestral music?

I've been into arranging and composing for orchestral music for a few years now, however, my music is usually fully computer-rendered (ewql), so I don't have any practical limits of how many... more


I need help for a audition?

Does anyone know good violin solos for audition I haven't picked one yet and I wanna be prepared and show them that I am good. Can I also have other solos to play for concert.  it must be advanced... more

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