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Guitar Music Theory


Are sus chords major or minor?



Guitar comparison

Which is bestYamaha Pacifica 012 vs Ibanez GSA60 vs IBANEZ GRG121DX


Cadences and Their Uses

Hey musicians and song writers! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone is familiar with cadences and how they are used in songwriting, theory (jazz and classical) and how you can use them in your... more


Why do my hands hurt so much while playing guitar?

Guitar can be painful when just starting out. My fingertips and my hands hurt so bad and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Why is this, when will it go away and what can I do to make it... more


What's the most important thing for a new guitar student to learn first?

When I was a student, learning guitar seemed impossible. It felt like there was so much to learn and I had no idea where to start. Should I learn chords then notes, or the other way around? Or... more


How do you decide chord fingering?

There are various ways to press the notes for chords. Some are more bar-based than others, some are based on pivoting. Getting familiar with 'tight spots' in a song helps you decide.
Guitar Music Theory


How does the thumb 'anchor' a guitar picking pattern?

Lead guitar is the flair and flourish of a harmony or jazz-extension of a melody. The basic picking pattern is the anchor of a song, and the thumb pattern anchors that. How does that work and... more


What is the best guitar to start with, acoustic or electric?

Acoustic guitars with nylon strings are best if you've never played guitar before. The nylon strings are softer for fingers who are not used to pushing down on the guitar's frets. Steel string... more
Guitar Percussion


When I play the guitar and try to add the "snare", I can't play a note and hit the "snare" at the same time. Any tips on how to improve my playing?

Whenever I play the "snare" I stop all playing and hit the snare, and then I continue on playing.


What are some easy chords on guitar to get me started?

Which advanced chords can I use for a song composition in scale of G?

I am making a song composition in a scale of G. I have already used major chords **G, C and D** and in some places I have used **Am, Em and Bm**. I would like to make this composition richer with... more


Learn Guitar (and theory) one key at a time?

So I'm trying to learn guitar for like the 5th time in my life. I've taken formal lessons, read books, even been in a garage band for fun but have only managed to memorize chord progressions and... more


Is music theory universal?

I'm currently 17 years old and want to dedicate myself to music. I've listened to different styles of music now: jazz, funk,groove also classical (Bob acri>any pop Idol in 2018). 2 weeks ago I... more


How often should one practice to become good at guitar?


What do I need to know to be able to be able to play along with a song just by listening to it?

What is essential knowledge and skill one has to have to be able to play along with the radio?


Standard tuning Capo 8 Alternative?

Hello! Chords used, Eminor, Raised C(open C shape moved up two frets), C,Basically id just like more room on the fretboard. If i tuned to D standard (DGCFAD) would i still be able to play the same... more


Does octave not matter when tuning?

Why does it not matter what octave you're tuning to? If you wind a string to two different octaves of the same note, surely it's going to have a big effect on the sound, no?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of an all-fourths guitar tuning?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an all-fourths guitar tuning being E, A, D, G, C, F (the high E and B strings being raised a half-step from standard tuning). One reason to do this is... more

On a guitar, what keys correspond to different capo positions?

I've long had this question. I know some music theory, but I can only get a vague idea as to the progression of keys when moving the capo down a guitar's neck. I'm fairly certain that the guitar is... more

Why do modern popular songs composed on piano sound different than songs composed on guitar?

Songs that I hear that are piano based - ie. **composed and originally performed on piano**, seem to have a different feel than those composed on guitar. The flow, the movement, the chords used -... more

Guidelines for piano composition and transcription?

I'm a classical guitar student but I always loved the piano. Though I never owned one, most of my musical ideas come to me as harmonies on the keyboard so I often have to translate that into... more

Which advanced chords can I use for a song composition in scale of G?

I am making a song composition in a scale of G.I have already used major chords **G, C and D** and in some places I have used **Am, Em and Bm**.I would like to make this composition richer with... more
Guitar Practicing


Do I need a guitar for lessons/tutoring?


How to know key of a melody?

How can you tell what key a melody is in if it uses notes found in multiple scales? And if a note is introduced from a different scale than the one it was in, does that change the key? What if it... more


Can someone please tell me why there are 5 different patterns to Penatonic scales?

I mean if you can move them, why do you need more than one? All are movable up and down the fretboard? Right? So why does each need 5 patterns and how do you know which one to use? This has really... more

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