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Ear Training


What's the first step in developing great hearing?

Hearing is the most fundamental building block of learning music, but what if I can't tell what the notes are, or how they relate to each other?
Ear Training Music


What is the best way to improve your ear?

Are there specific exercises or things that I can do that will improve my ear and allow me to "hear" more in my head?

Composition Training (with Hindemith)?

I am looking to get back into composition and trying to get some advice on textbooks.By way of background, my biggest liability is my lack of formal training (I have none). During my early teens, I... more


Audiation, Mental hearing, Composing/Reading scores without sound reference?

Many composers in the past (as well as the present) were known to do that. So, are there any ways in order to achieve this? Any exercises and so on?


Optimal harmonic audiation techniques?

I am trying to learn to audiate harmonies in order to be able to compose without instruments. I can already audiate melodies, but harmony is a real beast. (*Edit: To be clear, I can recognize... more


What are the common problems when it comes to ear training and how do I fix it?

I can think of a few, first in formost, there is 2 different type of struggles transcribing in real time which requires you to hear and identify chords and melody and improvising, which requires... more

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