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Where can I mashup and edit 2 famous songs together?

I am trying to mashup 2 famous songs. 1) Louis Armstrong- what a wonderful world 2) Etta James - at last I want to mash these songs together to create and play as a processional song as I walk down... more
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What is the difference between a lever harp and a pedal harp?

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Do musics have to travel to studios if they live 4 hours away and can’t afford

Do musicians who are signed to labels have to travel without help like 4 hours to there nearest studios on a train there and back which they can’t afford to move close to area due to money? Can a... more
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Identification of a song

I heard the song in 2007 while I was driving home from I've searched every lyric database available and asked on multiple lyrics forums (no one responds). Here goes: 1. I don't know the radio... more


What is the best way to practice piano scales?


How do you write good melody lines?

I make pop songs. I want to know more about what's the best way to write good melody lines during the verses, pre-choruses and choruses? What is a good rhyming scheme?
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How long does it take to prepare for the AP Music Theory exam?

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Re: Resources for teaching music theory?

Hi! I am just beginning to teach music theory on Wyzant, and was wondering where I could acquire content for my lessons?


Music Questions

I need clearly to a question. I thought the answer was 1-D-Flat major. According to my study notes from school, whatever music piece the concert pitch is in, you would lower the key for... more
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How do I create depth in a mix?

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What is the difference between a natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scale?

These are 3 different minor scales.
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What is the difference between a tie and a slur?

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Thoughts on The Battle of Yorktown from Hamilton?

Thoughts on The Battle of Yorktown from Hamilton performance? What are the performing forces?is there action taking place or does it seem that time has stopped and the singer is emoting? Or, both... more
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Which intervals are considered 'perfect' intervals?

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Opera music originated in which country?

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What is the difference between sacred and secular music?

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What is an easy way to remember the music modes?

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Cadences and Their Uses

Hey musicians and song writers! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone is familiar with cadences and how they are used in songwriting, theory (jazz and classical) and how you can use them in your... more


In the key of F write out the chord progressions

In the key of F write out the progressions: I, vi, ii, V, vi
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What's the most important thing for a new guitar student to learn first?

When I was a student, learning guitar seemed impossible. It felt like there was so much to learn and I had no idea where to start. Should I learn chords then notes, or the other way around? Or... more


Why is Theory important to new musicians?

Theory has helped people pick up on small details. Sometimes, looking at what a composer has written and why a composer wrote it can sketch out the idea of how to perform a piece. Theory is more... more


How long should I take voice lessons?


Can anyone learn to sing?

It's normal to wonder if anyone can learn to sing There are various voice types that are all unique Singing is quite interesting
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How to develop a drum solo

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How can I make a successful career change, start, or transformation during these challenging times?

I'm asking this question to showcase what many are feeling at this time. The times are challenging but I have successfully managed career change over the last 30yrs. I can help and feel for you... more

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