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General Music Music Theory


What is an easy way to remember the music modes?

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Cadences and Their Uses

Hey musicians and song writers! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone is familiar with cadences and how they are used in songwriting, theory (jazz and classical) and how you can use them in your... more


In the key of F write out the chord progressions

In the key of F write out the progressions: I, vi, ii, V, vi
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What's the most important thing for a new guitar student to learn first?

When I was a student, learning guitar seemed impossible. It felt like there was so much to learn and I had no idea where to start. Should I learn chords then notes, or the other way around? Or... more


Why is Theory important to new musicians?

Theory has helped people pick up on small details. Sometimes, looking at what a composer has written and why a composer wrote it can sketch out the idea of how to perform a piece. Theory is more... more


How long should I take voice lessons?


Can anyone learn to sing?

It's normal to wonder if anyone can learn to sing There are various voice types that are all unique Singing is quite interesting
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How to develop a drum solo

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How can I make a successful career change, start, or transformation during these challenging times?

I'm asking this question to showcase what many are feeling at this time. The times are challenging but I have successfully managed career change over the last 30yrs. I can help and feel for you... more
General Music Music Music Theory


How many sharps are in the key of E? Which notes are sharp?

The circle of fifths can help you find the answer. Starting from the middle of the circle (C/a) and moving clockwise, you will begin to notice that each new key has one more sharp than the one that... more
General Music Music Music Theory


When looking at a time signature, what do the top and bottom numbers represent?

A time signature is found at the beginning of a piece, right after the clef and key signature.


Have you heard music in your favorite movie?

Choose a movie of your liking. Explain to me where you hear music throughout the movie. Choose a particular scene. How does this music make the scene you are referring to more important, more... more


Has anyone watched A movie with great music

Choose a movie of your liking. Explain to me where you hear music throughout the movie. Choose a particular scene. How does this music make the scene you are referring to more important, more... more
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Fundamental Frequency question! Please help!

4) Calculate 5 different frequencies for G6 rounding each, if necessary, to the nearest 0.001 Hz. Show your work and name the tuning system used in each case. For each of these, A4 must have a... more
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How do I make money as a musician?

People keep telling me that I'm really talented. That I should be famous. How do I do that?
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What's the best way to learn a new piece of music?

I just got a new teacher. My old teacher made me practice my right hand, then my left hand, then both hands together. Easy-peasy!My new teacher makes me analyze the piece first. What's that all... more
General Music Music Theory


Why do self-taught musicians need to know their music theory?

My parents keep telling me I gotta do the classical thing. But all I really wanna do is play my beat box and rhyme.
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What are some easy chords on guitar to get me started?

General Music Keybindings


Ok so is it possible to make key mappings for your keyboard using sound?

So basically if you made like a certain sound and played it into your mic it would act as a key on your keyboard. Why I am trying to figure out is because I am trying to basically be able to use a... more
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To make a scale above a minor scale you would need to add

General Music College Counseling


Enroll in Music College with Associate degree , ALCM Diploma .

I have a question and I need your assistance   please , before 2 years i maked the  Associate of the London College of Music ALCM Diploma .  And now I want to continue my studies for the... more

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