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Sequences Algebra 2


Geometric sequences

I need a little help on how to do sequences. The formula keeps confusing me.The question I have is Find the 5th term for -6, -24, -96...If someone can help me understand the formula more it would... more
Sequences Graphs Functions


Solving a word problem using a system of equations of the form Y=Mx+b

Two pools are being filled with water. To start, the first pool contains 1900 liters of water and the second pool contains 1440 liters of water. Water is being added to the first pool at a rate of... more
Sequences Algebra 2 Arithmetic


Arithmetic Sequences

If the third term of an arithmentic sequence is 1 and the eighth term is -14, what is the twelfth term?
Sequences Calculus


Find the interval of convergence for the series. (Enter your answer using interval notation.)

Find the interval of convergence for the series. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) sum from n=1 to infinity n!(4x-1)^n
Sequences Calculus


express the given number as a rational number.

express the given number as a rational number.3.816161616161616161616161616...
Sequences Calculus


Determine whether the series converges or diverges. If it is convergent, find the sum.

Determine whether the series converges or diverges. If it is convergent, find the sum. 4 + 1 + 1/4 + 1/16 + ...
Sequences Algebra 1 Equations


Writing an explicit equation

Write an explicit sequence for 4,9,14,19,24 and what is it’s 99th term2) what is t(4)=12 t(10)=48 explicit equation and it’s 18th term
Sequences Calculus Series


Determine whether the sequence is convergent or divergent. If it is convergent, find the limit: an=sin^3((-1)^n(n^-2))

Please help! Need answer ASAP! Please answer with step by step explanation. Thank you.



Sequences Algebra Series


Sequence/ number series

How do you solve number series or sequence where the values alternate between adding a number and subtracting a number?For example: Find the 30th term in the sequence.6,2,7,3,8,4,9..Notice the... more


A probability question with sequences

A sequence of numbers X1, X2,... are produced by taking a random number from the set {1,2,3...n}.The summation Sk is defined to be X1+X2+...+Xk.Which of the following is a correct expression for... more


Pre Calculus 11 - Arithmetic Sequences

Violin lesson fees started at $46 per hour in January, 1990, and gradually increased by $2 .50 every year. How much is the hourly cost in January of 2014? Hint: It’s not a good idea to just apply... more
Sequences Precalculus


find the first four terms of the sequence given a n + 1 = a n + n

a. -9, -6, -4, 0b. -9, -7, -4, 0c. -9, -5, -4, 0d. -9, -5, -4, -1
Sequences Algebra 1 Algebra


Write the first five terms of the sequence defined recursively.

a0=-13, a1=13, a_k-2 +a_k-1
Sequences Algebra 2


Sequences in Sequences

How would you find the sum of the sequence:0,4,12,24,40,60,...,760whose terms increase based on the arithmetic sequence:4,8,12,...It seems similar to triangular numbers.How would you find the sum... more
Sequences Algebra 1


Write the first 5 terms of the sequence

a0=1 an=an-1-2have to find the first five terms
Sequences Calculus Series


Find the sum of the infinite series below.

1/3*7 + 1/7*11 + 1/11*15 + 1/15*19 ...
Sequences Calculus


Compute the partial sums S2, S4, and S6.

∞ 7 / (n+1)! n = 1


What is the difference between the graphs t(n)=2(3)^n and f(x)=2(3)^x

Both equations are to be graphed on the same axis but aren’t they both the same?


what is 80$ increased by 5% a month for 12 months

 Receiving allowance of 80$ for the first month increased by 5% for each month after (for 12 months)


arithmetic sequence question !!!

Assume that a1,a2,a3,....ak form an arithmetic sequence. If we have a5 + a8 + a11 = 10 , a7 + a10 + a13 = 12  , and ak=11 , the k=      ????    


what is the next fraction in this sequence? simplify your answer

1/3, 7/15, 3/5, 11/15....


h=-5 and w= 2 work out the value of 4h- 3w

i am really upset i can seem to solve it heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me 


Find the nth term of the sequence 1,4,9,16,25,36

 I just need help oops
1 3 4 5 6 7

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