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What is the proportion

It is estimated that the mean life span of concrete drill bits is 20 hours. Suppose a construction company purchases drill bits that have a lifespan that is approximately normally distributed with... more
Deviation Chemistry Percentage


Percent Deviation from Ideality

Using the Ideal Gas equation I calculated a temperature of 162K, and with the Van der Waals equation 177K. I need to find the percent deviation from ideality.   Is this correct?   177-162    x... more

Would it be unusual for one of the test subjects to have a pulse rate of 127.8 beats per​ minute?

A certain group of test subjects had pulse rates with a mean of 84.6 beats per minute and a standard deviation of 11.6 beats per min.   For some reason, I keep getting the incorrect answer for... more


find the standard deviation

SS = 120 and score or (n) is 30. how do I compute the standard deviation with no individual scores. Variance is 4.14


Standard Deviation

Consider a nationally recognized standardized college admissions test with scores that are normally distributed, centered at a mean of 21, and have a standard deviation of 4.5. Use the 68-95-99.7... more


How to do these questions?

The heart rates for puppies are normally distributed, with a mean heart rate of 180 beats per minute (60-160 beats per minute for most adult dogs) with a standard deviation of 6 bpm (beats per... more


15. The National Football League (NFL) polls fans to develop a rating for each football game

15. The National Football League (NFL) polls fans to develop a rating for each football game (NFL website, October 24, 2012). Each game is rated on a scale from 0 (forgettable) to 100 (memorable).... more
Deviation Dispersion


Discuss deviation and dispersion

Discuss deviation and dispersion

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