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statistic and probabilities

you are conducting a multinomial chi-square goodness of fit hypothesis teat for the claim that the 4 categories occur with the following frequencies: observed frequency: A-41 ... more


statistic question

According to the empire rule, what proportion of date would lie between +1 and +2 standard deviations? (Not percentage)


help me answe this question

On average, the parts from a supplier have a mean of 97.5 inches and a standard deviation of 6.1 inches. Find the probability that a randomly selected part from this supplier will have a value... more


mean = 98.2 standard deviation = 0.62

mean is 98.2. standard deviation is 0.62. if one person is randomly selected, find the probability that the person's body temperature is at least 97 degrees


How could a RDT Be used to stimulate six games for a basketball player that shot 10 times per game and has a shooting percentage of 70%

How could a RDT Be used to stimulate six games for a basketball player that shot 10 times per game and has a shooting percentage of 70%


can someone explain how to get the percentage?

Scores on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) are approximately Normal with mean 97 and standard deviation 14. People with WAIS scores below 69 are considered intellectually disabled when,... more
Statistic Math Math Help


name the population 45% of chicago residents surveyed, own their own vehicle

Name the population 45% of chicago residents surveyed, own their own vehicle
Statistic Probability


Bag Question

A bag has 6 red blocks and 4 green blocks. Cliff takes a block out of the bag at random, records the color, then replaces the block in the bag. He does this 20 times. Which answer shows the results... more


confident intervals and central limit theorem.

A random sample of 39 cows was fed a special high-protein grain for a month. Each was weighed before and after and the average weight gained was 6.7 pounds, with standard deviation 7.1.i. Construct... more


A standard deck of cards is shuffled. Find the probability of getting the first 5 cards in this sequence: Ace, Ace, Ace, 10,10

This is a statistic question in probability 


Application of Sets

A survey of 72 customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 43 customers purchased mysteries, 33 purchased sciencefiction, 27 purchased romance... more


Statistics Question!

Do adding multivitamin supplements to your daily diet help decrease the number of colds this a double blind or single blind study?


not sure if my answer is right

In a set of 36 months of data for medical leave that has a mean of 7 days per month and a standard deviation of 2.37, how many months are expected to have fewer than 9.37 days per month reported... more
Statistic Math Statistics


In general, increasing sample size (n) effects type I error (alpha) and type II error (beda) in which of the following ways

A. Alpha increases , beta decreases  B. Alpha increases , beta increases  C. Alpha decreases , beta decreases  D. Alpha decreases , beta increases 


Hypothesis help

I have a hard time interpreting my results and I need help with the rejection method.A local bank claims that the standard deviation of the checking account balances of its customers is $275. A... more


Probability question: Chances of winning

A contest will award 100 winners with a voucher each. There are 300 participants. Elly joined the contest 3 times, but entering using her details, her sister's details, and her mother's details.... more


what is the z-score for which the area to its right is .92



statistic question

Theaters nationwide accept online reservations for movie shows. Of immediate concern is the number of online reservations they will accept relative to how many of those customers will actually show... more


A report based on the Current Population Survey.....

A report based on the Current Population Survey estimates the 1991 median weekly family wage and salary earnings as $664. An approximate 95% confidence interval for the 1991 median weekly earnings... more
Statistic Math Probability


Survey Statistic Problem

I have no idea how to solve this. Someone please explain to me.   427 different women were randomly selected and asked what they buy online, and 162 of the women says clothes.    If 10... more


Step by step

66% of students at one college drink alcohol regularly and 13% of those who drink alcohol regularly suffer from depression. What is the probability that a random selected student drinks alcohol... more


Stats Help Please

A researcher is interested in increasing feelings of self-confidence in adolescents. He randomly selects 100 adolescents from the population and randomly assigns 50 individuals to a treatment... more
Statistic Math Help


Confidence Interval

Use the sample values listen below to construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean. assume that the population has a normal distribution   51 63 36 43 34 62 73 39 53 79

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