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Range Question!

70 students took an exam. the mean score on the exam is 75.5 and the standard deviation is 2.6 what percent of the scores are in the 72.9 and 83.3 range?


Pre-calc radio station range type problem. Please help!!

You are driving on a course of 105 degrees. A radio station that is due East and 30 miles away from your current location puts out a signal with a 25 mile radius. If you continue on your 105 degree... more


Graph the piecewise defined function f(x)= 1-x^2 if x < 2 and f(x)= x if x > 2

Graph, and find domain & range. Note: On f(x)= 1-x^2 if x < 2 , if x<2 is equal to as well. (Could not find symbol on keyboard). 


Generate random numbers within a range with pre-defined sum

What if I want to generate random numbers within a range with a fixed sum?? For example: I want to generate 50 numbers between 50 - 100 but with a fixed sum of 4650 so that I would produce a mean... more


Calculus Study Guide Help:

I need help answering the following questions from my study guide: When a circular plate of metal is heated in an oven, its radius increases at a rate of 0.03 cm/min. At what rate is the plates... more


What is the range of the function y=(2x+3) for the domain 3≤x≤9?

Range Formula


Most Common Range

I am trying to determine the most common 4-year range in a list of dates. Is there a formula that I can use in Excel 2007 to find out this statistic?
Range Limits Maths


What is the difference between [2, infinity) and (1, infinity)?

Don’t the both of them mean the same? i.e from 2 to infinity? There was this one mcq which had both of these options. So how do yoy differentiate between the two?  


State the range

If f(x) = 3x+2 / x^2+6x+9, State the range of f^-1(x).


What is the 60th percentile?

1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 89 89 89 89 89  What is the 60th percentile? I tried it and got an incorrect answer please help. 


you buy a new car that costs $25000 the car depreciates at a rate of 11% per year

independent variable domain and range 


What is the domain and range from 30x+22=y?

I need to find the domain and range for a project and I have been struggling.
Range Value


How can I convert a value in the range of 0 to1 into a value of -1 to 1

Okay so I am programming a video game. I am using a what's called a slider that can be dragged across the screen with the mouse that will give a value based off it's position. If it is dragged all... more


What is the range of r(x) = 4x^2/ x^2 − 2x − 3

I just need to know what the range of this equation is.


Whats the range of the possible number of tickets that Teresa sold?

Sandy sold 22 tickets, which was at least 6 more than twice the number of tickets that Teresa sold. What's the range of the possible number of tickets that Teresa sold?


Range of sec^2x +cosec^2x

What's range of sec^2x +cosec^2x?, where x belongs to it [0,infinite) or [4,infinite). Plz give me reason behind the answer 


Of the equation s(t) = 6000 - 500t Find the range of this function when the domain is 2 and 7.

I needed to clarify my other question.  I need help determining the range of it. I'm stuck on this question for Math of Language arts question. I'm a little confused and the text book and videos... more


Domain and Range

Find the domain and range of the function   y={x+1 if -5<x<0       x2    if 0≤x≤5


Find the Range

Find the range: Plot points with x=-2,-1,0,1,2   y=-x2+5


What is the range of the numbers 5,15,54,85,90,105

I rally need help for a homework question 


Finding Domain and Range of a Multivariable Function

for the following function find the domain D and range T and show that for every c ∈ T there exists x,y such that f(x,y) = c. Sketch the Domain. The following is my own answer but I am unsure if... more
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