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CRAUDQL3 6.1.022.

An auto dealer’s sales numbers are shown in the table below. Find for each month the mean, median, and mode prices of the cars she sold. Round your answers to the nearest dollar.Price. ... more


I can't seem to work these problems...

The following numbers describe the length of time 50 students took to complete a particular exam. Minimum = 34 minutesMedian = 52 minutesMean = 61 minutesMaximum = 125 minutes Semara took 52... more


Statistics /Probability

I have one last question/in school we did the mode and median/ but I struggled, when I went to do it.Please explain the meaning/and may you show me some examples of it.Thanks in advancePlease... more


Please answer this

Gary and Susan surveyed 10 people to find out how many board games they played in a month.Gary and Susan surveyed 10 people to find out how many board games they played in a month. The results are;... more


Gary and Susan surveyed 10 people to find out how many board games they played in a month.

Gary and Susan surveyed 10 people to find out how many board games they played in a month. The results are; Mean: 3.5, Median: 4, Range: 10. Gary then surveyed 2 additional people, with one person... more


Math Proportions

Jennifer is a caterer. She has a recipe for cake that calls for a 1/2 cup of butter and 1/3 cup of flour. This cake is only meant to feed a small family. She wants to make enough cake to... more


A dataset {-2, 5, -4, x, y, 2x} has a mean of 3 and a mode of -2. Find possible x + y.

Struggling really hard to get an answer. I kept getting 5. The possible choices were -6, -2, 2, 8, 10.


Mode answer is 55 i want describe this answer shotry

The mode is the value that occurs most this scenario that highst frequency is between 50-60.the mid value of this range is taken as the mode therefor the mode is 55. This shows that most... more


i have 5 boxes with 4 peaches each, 8 boxes with 20 peaches each, and 11 boxes with 9 peaches each what is the mode

is there even enough information to answer this question


The following list gives the number of pets for each of 8 students. 3, 4, 0, 1, 3, 4, 4, 3

Find the modes of this data set.If there is more than one mode, write them separated by commas. If there is no mode, click on "No mode."


what is the mode of the following set of numbers 82,82,82,82,82,82?

I know that the mode is the number that occurs the most, however, in our textbook it says that if each score in the distribution occurs with equal frequency the set has no mode.  Confused as to if... more


find the missing frequency?

marks       frequency 20to30        5 30to40        9 40to50        13      50to60       ? 60to70       20 70to80         15 80to90         8 90to100        9  

Standard deviation

set of data with 1200 numbers is normally distributedwith a mean of 27 and a standard deviation of 4. how many numbers in the data would you expect to be between 23 and 31?
Mode Median Mean


Sets---Mean, Median

1. Use the data set {5, 21, 21, 25, 30, 40} to find the requested values: a. Mean b. Median c. Mode d. Range e. Standard deviation
Mode Median Likert


likert scale

i have 34 types of accounting violations, and i want to know which violations can be considered as a fraud, i asked this question to experts by using likert scale questioner, the answers are... more


Descriptive Statistics (mode, median, mean, range, standard deviation)

1) 64.5  63.5  63.5  65  66  65.5  61  66  64  65 The data above represents the heights, in inches, of a random sample of adult American women. For this data calculate the:(a) Mode(b) Median(c)... more

HELP!! std. dev, mode and mean.

There are 5 participants in a study. All I have are some statistics to find out the individual numbers for the 5 people. The mean is 8, the standard deviation is 4, the mode is 5 and the range is... more


How to calculate mode for grouped data

Your solution to this problem doesn't make sense according to the definition of modal class.   On your resources  page... more
Mode Math


Is it possible to have no mode

Our math teacher asked us this.
Mode Median Mean


What are the oringanal numbers if the mode is 8 the mean is 10 and the median is 10

Thequestion is in a 6th grade text book and says use the central tendency  


how do i find the mode

how do i find the mode of 17 17 60 33 14 60 33 42 40

how do you work out the mean and the median with money?

the question is 'work out the mode and median for £170,000 and £18,000' i understand normal mode and median but i dont get how you do it with money  

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