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How to find the Var(X) for a sum of a rolled die and a 3 sided spinner?

A fair 6-sided die has the numbers −1, −1, 0, 0, 1, 2 on its faces. A fair 3-sided spinner has edges numbered −1, 0, 1. The die is thrown and the spinner is spun. The number on the uppermost face... more

Variance question: If V (Y) = 6, then V (2Y- 4) =

If V (Y) = 6, then V (2Y- 4) =

Law of Variance question: If V (Y) = 12, then V (4Y - 8) :

If V (Y) = 12, then V (4Y - 8) ?


Weighted calculation

Hi, I am trying to figure out the correct weighted calculation for the following scenario. If I have a man with 30% body fat who reduces it down to 15% over time and another man who has a 17% body... more

11 different people and 11 rank places, how many distinct rank lists are possible with different rank places for every person?

11 different people and 11 rank places, how many distinct rank lists are possible with different rank places for every person?


How to compare two charts movement and direction and get a percentage of similarity?

Here are two charts with time as X and price as Y. Each chart represents a day (9:30 to 4pm). And I am using the 5 minutes candlesticks (explanation is attached). So we should have 78 candlesticks... more


when is variance 0 when observation is independent or same



W varies directly as x^3 and inversely as y^2

If W=24 when x=2 and y=2, find w if x=3 and y=2


find the standard deviation

SS = 120 and score or (n) is 30. how do I compute the standard deviation with no individual scores. Variance is 4.14

How to find the minimum variance portfolio, 2 company's, 5 portfolios.

Hi   i have found out the following     Weight in Kingsley Weight in Duvall ER SD 0.0%    100.0%  15.00     25.0025.0%   75.0%   13.75     21.25 50.0%   50.0%   12.50     18.8775.0%   25.0%... more


if y varies directly

If y varies directly as? x, and y=7 when x=6?, find y when x=18


Standard deviation question+answer

The question:   The ages, x years, of 150 cars are summarised by     ∑x = 645 and ∑x2 = 8287.5   Find ∑(x-y)2 where y denotes the mean of x.     The answer:   y= 4.3   standard... more


variance and standard deviation?

A production system with five production lines produces thousands of items per day. From past experience it is known that one out of every 10 products coming out of each production line is... more

Variable Manufacturing Overhead Rate Variance Accounting Need Help

Luis Corporation uses a standard cost system in which it applies manufacturing overhead to products on basis of machine hours (MH's). The company's standard requires 4 Machine Hours for each unit... more

Fixed Manufacturing Overhead Volume Variance Accounting Need Help

Germosen, Inc. uses a standard cost system with direct labor hours (DLH's) as the application base for manufacturing overhead. Results for the year are below: Prior to start of the year: Standard... more

Labor Rate Variance Question Accounting

For the prior month, Ardono Company reported the following : Production: Planned : 12,000 units Actual : 11,500 units Direct Labor Rate : Standard : $15.50 per direct labor hour Actual : $15.45... more

Materials Quantity Variance Question Accounting Need Help

Moronta Inc manufactures a single product and is budgeted to produce 1,100 units in the month of March. For material, the product requires a standard quantity of 8 pounds per unit with a standard... more

Variable Overhead Rate Variance Accounting Question Need Help

Thomas Corporation uses a standard costing system in which variable manufacturing overhead is assigned to production on the basis of number of machine hours. The following data pertain to one... more

Materials Quantity Usage Variance and Labor Efficiency Variance

The Albright Company manufactures rubber parts for the automobile industry. The company had planned to produce 4,750 units according to the November budget. Its material standard specifies a cost... more

Fixed Manufacturing Overhead Volume Variance Accounting

A manufacturer of sound equipment uses a standard costing system with fixed manufacturing overhead applied based on Machine Hours. According to their standards, each unit requires 2 Machine... more


Variance and Standard deviation

What is the variance and standard deviation for 10,9,9,8,8,8,8,6?

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