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Which of the following is not true regarding the formation of a dipeptide? Check my answer?

Which of the following is not true regarding the formation of a dipeptide? Check my answer?a. a water molecule is producedb. two amino acids are joined togetherc. a double bond forms between carbon... more


Determine if the statement is true or false. Justify answer

i44+i150-i74-i109+i61=-1      Justify answer please 


Application section 1.4

1) Cube -1-i square root of 3  "SHOW WORK" so I understand better thank you 
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Solving Rational Equations

John takes 2 hours longer than Andrew to peel 600 pounds of apples. If together they can peel 600 pounds of apples in 8 hours, then how long would it take John to peel the apples working alone?
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Math question

A $2000 investment with interest compounded semi-annually is worth $2600 after 5 years. What is the yearly rate for this investment 
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John flipped a fair coin 120 times. It landed tails up sixty-five times

What is the experimental probability that the coin will land tails yo the next time he flops the coin? Show your work. 
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Jeff Hardy Invested $3000 in an investment fund an had 2.5% management fee deducted. The fund increased by 11.3% in the first year and increased by only 1.7 % in the value of her investment after 2... more
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Which medication is considered a NSAID?

 Answer this for me please. Which medication is considered a NSAID?


Exponential Relations

A) There is am estimated 2000 deer currently in China. The population is estimated to decrease by 8% every year due to the construction of homes in the area. At this rate how many deer will there... more
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Can you give me a word problem for 2÷1/4 equals eight

So I just need an idea for my homework since  this is for a grade and I want to get an A so I just need an idea for my homework since I have 2÷1/4 equals eight and they're asking me to write a word... more
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quadratic ques

how to expand an simplify 3(x-2)^2+7  
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Quadratic Question

Given 6x+4 and 9x+12 how would i write a simplified expression for the area of this rectangle 
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Quadratic question

h=-5(t+0.1)(t-3.5) how would i find the maximum height of the question ? 
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How to factor each trinomial a) x^2+x-20   b) 4x^2-32x+60   c)x^2-25   d) 7x^2 + 14x
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Physical science question

Preparing for a turn, a bus slows down with an acceleration of -2.0 m/s^2. Calculate how much time it takes the bus to slow down from 16.0 m/s to 5.0 m/s.    
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The movie plex theater sold 1,456 tickets. 6 times as many regular tickets as discounted tickets? How many regular tickets were sold?

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Markov's chain

P=[0.3    0.7      1       0](Note: Express your answers as decimal fractions rounded to 4 decimal places (if they have more than 4 decimal places).) (1) Find the two-step transition matrix P(2)... more
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please help me fully understand this

EZ clean company has determined that if it spends $30000 on advertisement it can hope to sell 12000 of its minivac a year , but if it spends $50,000 it can sell 16000. write an equation that gives... more


Java question please help!!!

What does the thread class method start() do?   (choices) It begins an external method.It makes an operating system thread begin to run.It makes a specific internal Java thread begin running.It... more
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At the end of the story "Never" this is an example of ?

At the end of the story "Never" we are left to wonder if Bellies ever does actually leave home. This is an example of ?   A) A foil   B) Ambiguity   C) An allusion    D) A pun
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PLease provide a detailed explanation.   1) Suppose that the net external force (push minus friction) exerted on a lawn mower is 51 N parallel to the ground.The mass of the mower is 24kg. What is... more
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Finance Question

Company B wants to buy Company A.   Assume that company A has pre-tax cash flows of $5 Billion per year, with no growth expected in the future. In addition, the firm is subject to a 35% corporate... more
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waves question?

There are two lines of string connected to an oscillator, one only slightly longer. The oscillator is set to vibrate at the lowest frequency, creating a standing wave in the shorter one. Will this... more
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find gravitational force

A planet has ? the density of earth but 2x the radius. find the surface gravitational force on this planet. (Hint: Earth’s is 10N/Kg)

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