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An electron in a cathode-ray-tube (CRT) acceleratesat a constant rate from 17800 m/sto 4.18 × 106 m/s over 1.02 cm.How long does the electron take to travelthis distance?
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A post is put every feet along a fence around a rectangular field that is 42 ft long and 36 feet wide. how many post are needed

Helping my daughter with her homework so I'm able to understand and learn in the process 
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If a is not equal

If a is not equal to -1,0, or 1 then (a(a3+2a2-a-2) + a2-1) / a(a2-1) = ?


what is the acceleration of a car going from 4m/s to 14m/s in 5 seconds

I completely forgot how to work out acceleration ! im hoping I can get help
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If 3.0 L of a 5.2 M SrCl2 solution is diluted to 50 L , what is the molarity of the diluted solution?Express your answer using two significant figures.
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Calculate the mass percent composition of sulfur in Al2(SO4)3.42.73 %35.97 %21.38 %9.372 %28.12 %
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) if you want to produce 1.00 g of aluminum, how much bauxite ore would you have to extract? 2) was your percent yield value calculated from the laboratory 100%. If not, propose reasons it might... more
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20 exceeds c gives 18

My child came home with this for homework. What happen to regular equations. 
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If f(x) = 2x + 5 and g(x) = x² - 1, find f(2) - g(3)

I need help on my homework 
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How many dimes would you need if you have 12 nickels to make a dollar

  How many dimes would you need if you have 12 nickels to make a dollar
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Give the name s for these organic compounds (1) - (7).

Give the name s for these organic compounds (1) - (7). (1) CH3CH3  (2) CH2=CHCH3   (3)CH3CH2OH   (4) CH3COOH  
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I need help with x-factor puzzle solving! Anyone can help! (Algebra)

So I am in Pre-ap Algebra 1 in the 9th grade and I have been sitting here doing my homework working on this one problem and need lots of help on the x-factor puzzle solving.  So the top number of... more
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Given (2/3,sqr5/3), compute

Hi! I have a quick question. I know how to solve it for sin and cos, but I'm having trouble with tan. I know that it would be y over x and you have to solve, but I don't know how. Any tips or help?
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A ball rolling down a hill was displaced 19.6m while uniformly accelerating from rest. If the final velocity was 5.00m/s. What was the rate of acceleration

 A ball rolling down a hill was displaced 19.6m while uniformly accelerating from rest. If the final velocity was 5.00m/s. What was the rate of acceleration 
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explain the reason

Explain ‘chemical equilibrium’ and ‘Le Chatelier’s principle’ ,respectively.Now changes of the reaction conditions A or B are given to the chemical reaction eq.①.Which direction does the chemical... more
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A circle has a circumference of 14 pi m^2 what is the area

Helpp quick
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How can I relate the history of the Molly Maguires to today?

Hi, I wrote an essay on the Molly Maguires, a group of Irish miners that got executed, but I'm supposed to write a small paragraph on how it is connected to today's world. Can you help me connect... more
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my son has a homework that I am need help with

a mom and daughter were making necklaces. The daughter used 6 inches of shing for her necklace and the mom used 24 inches long. How does the length of mom's necklace compare to the length of her?


Explain why childhood is an important time of development

I forgot my textbook at school someone please help with child development credits please ... URGENT 


Subtracting 2 digits from 3 digits (renaming)

Hi there, I have a question about subtraction. I know it pretty well, but I'm having problems with certain questions. So take this question for example: 155 subtracted by 66. So, for that question... more
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Blue is a color

I'm needing help on my homework on some true of false quesrions in order to help me out I need help 
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Show all work to (3/5)^-x=(9/25)^(1-5x)

need help working this out
Homework Tips Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Calculus


Explain why the graph of the rational function f(x)= (-1)/(X^2+4) has no vertical asymptotes

I believe it is because there are no x factors in the numerator but unsure.
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word problem

A store sells tents, sleeping bags, and camp stools. A customer buys a tent, 2 sleeping bags, and 5 camp stools for $140. The price of the tent is 9 times the cost of a camp stool. The cost of a... more

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