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Homework Tips Physics Physics B Range


how to do this phsyics q?

An experimenter gets a range of data: 8.8 * 10^-19 plus or minus 0.1 * 10^-19. This is an experiment about charge. Is this range of error acceptable?


A child is on a object that is spinning. How can he increase the system’s rotational momentum?

a) Move away from centerb) Move toward centerc) Move in opp. direction to motiond) none of the above   what's the answer???????????
Homework Tips Physics Circuit Circuits


physics question????

A circuit with a 100 ohm resistor, followed by a parallel wiring with two 100 ohm resistors. What happens to the potential difference along a parallel resistor if the other one is removed.
Homework Tips Algebra 2 Word Problem


Word problem

a large snowplow can clear a parking lot in 4 hours. A small snowplow needs more time to clear the lot. Working together, they can clear the lot in 3 hours. How long would it take the small plow to... more
Homework Tips English Writing Editing


Could someone assist me in revising this sentence?

English is not my forte.  I was told this sentence sounds awkward: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to be his son’s old friend, for advice, but Henry... more

Statistics Problem Need Help!

What sample size is required in order that the standard deviation of X(with bar) be:   A. 1/4 of the population standard deviation?   B. 1/7 of the population standard deviation?   C. 12% of... more
Homework Tips Statistics Random Variable


For a standard normal random variable z, find

a) P[Z< .62] b) P[Z < -.62] C) P[Z> 1.59] D) P[-1.3< Z< 2.61] E) P[|Z| < 1.65]
Homework Tips


Between which two whole numbers will you find the square root of 86

bouns homwork question    
Homework Tips


The product of two numbers is –27. One of the numbers is 12 less than the other. Which of the following could be the two numbers?

 the is the problem on my homework and I cant figure it out please help.
Homework Tips Class Homework


how do you find an unknown length

 need help on my math homework and it has to do with the question.      
Homework Tips


-4/5 - 1/2

I confused
Homework Tips


homework help

The sum of two numbers is 210. If one number is the square of the other, find the set of numbers


Find the roots of the equation



Solve the equation 9 = square root of 27(4x + 6). Using complete sentences, explain the strategy used in solving this equation.

Solve the equation 9 = square root of 27^(4x + 6). Using complete sentences, explain the strategy used in solving this equation.
Homework Tips Math Help


There were 14 children who had pets and 6 who had no pets. How many more children had pets than no pets

word math help foR adding and subtracting
Homework Tips Physics Math Help Ap Physics


How long does the pinball sit in its area?

A pinball is moving through a pinball machine at 1 m/s and hits an accelerator. When it leaves the accelerator, it is traveling at 2 m/s over the distance of 2.7 cm. How long is the pinball in the... more


How do I solve (2x^2)^3

Can anyone help me?   The question is:   (2x^2)^3

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