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Exam Question Calculus Trigonometry Trig


Trig Identities

Given ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘› ๐›ผ = 7 and ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘› ๐›ฝ = 3, ๐›ผ and ๐›ฝ in quadrant II, find 25 5(a) ๐‘ ๐‘–๐‘›(๐›ผ + ๐›ฝ), (b) ๐‘ก๐‘Ž๐‘›(๐›ผ + ๐›ฝ), and (c) the quadrant of ๐›ผ + ๐›ฝ.
Exam Question


if i have a 82.23 and i make a 64 on my final and its 20% of my average grade what will that make it

I need help.


I have 9 subjects in total.Got my maths (B;77/100).In the remaining eight subjects , How many marks do I need so that my overall is 80%?

I want to know that how many marks do I need and if it is okay that even if I get a D , i will get a A , which is 80%? ย  My grading scheme ย  A*: 90-100 Aย  : 80-89 Bย  : 70-79ย  Cย  : 60-69 Dย ... more


Can some one please help answer this math question for me!!

Maria plays tennis only on Fridays. She plays basketball every third day. if Maria plays tennis and basketball on Friday, how many days will it be before she plays tennis and basketball again on... more
Exam Question Chemistry New Semester


Does anyone know how I can study for my Chemistry Semester Exam?

I'm currently in my first semester and I m having trouble studying, I look back at my notes but I don't have a clue what the heck is going on, there are so many terms that I don t know that it s... more
Exam Question Math Science


A 5 kg bowling ball is moving 0.2 m/s to the left. How much gravitational force is acting on the ball?

1 N 49 N 9.8 N 0.2 N
Exam Question Math


look at the description

For the line segment ST, S has coordinates S(3,8) and T is on the X-axis. The midpoint M, of ST is on the Y-axis. Find the coordinates of T and M. Provide necessary let statements and conclusion.... more


How does a Ball object draw itself onto a panel in a different class?

A) The Ball object's image gets drawn in the containing class, not in the Ball class.B) By passing its information to the other class so that class can draw it on the panel there.C) By drawing on... more


Java question please help!!!

What does the thread class method start() do? ย  (choices) It begins an external method.It makes an operating system thread begin to run.It makes a specific internal Java thread begin running.It... more
Exam Question Physics Physics B Frequency


waves question?

There are two lines of string connected to an oscillator, one only slightly longer. The oscillator is set to vibrate at the lowest frequency, creating a standing wave in the shorter one. Will this... more
Exam Question Physics Gravity Forces


find gravitational force

A planet has ? the density of earth but 2x the radius. find the surface gravitational force on this planet. (Hint: Earthโ€™s is 10N/Kg)
Exam Question Physics Physics B Range


how to do this phsyics q?

An experimenter gets a range of data: 8.8 * 10^-19 plus or minus 0.1 * 10^-19. This is an experiment about charge. Is this range of error acceptable?


A child is on a object that is spinning. How can he increase the systemโ€™s rotational momentum?

a) Move away from centerb) Move toward centerc) Move in opp. direction to motiond) none of the above ย  what's the answer???????????
Exam Question


what to expect from 8th grade math exam .what kind of topics that can be in it that needs to be practiced

what to expect from 8th grade math exam .What kind of topics that can be in it that needs to be practiced. I need to study ย before the exam and i am not sure which topics i should be studying and... more

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