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Exponential Equations


I don't understand the equation y = -4 (2) ^x

I understand that it's an exponential equation, but I can't figure out the steps I should take in order to actually graph it. Do you first multiply the -4 by 2, then solve it as "y = -8^x"? Even... more
Exponential Equations Math Precalculus


A bird species in danger of extinction has a population that is decreasing exponentially (𝐴=𝐴0𝑒𝑘𝑡).

7 years ago the population was at 1640 and today only 1090 of the birds are alive. Once the population drops below 190, the situation will be irreversible. When will this happen? Hint: When you... more
Exponential Equations Algebra 2


exponential question

e2x+1 + 9ex - 11 = 0
Exponential Equations Linear Algebra Algebra Linear Equations


How do I create exponential equations?

A colonial settlement started with 500 people and food sources adequate to feed 500 people. They are able to expand their resources to feed 30 additional people each year. The population is growing... more
Exponential Equations


Let P (t) = 20000 (1.04)^t be the population of a town t years after the year 2000.

How will I estimate for example the population reaches 25000... how do I know which year it will become 25000?
Exponential Equations College Math


Exponential Equations

Find the time it takes for $6,700 to double when invested at an annual interest rate of 18%, compounded continuously. ____________________years   Find the time it takes for $670,000 to double when... more
Exponential Equations College Math


Exponential Equations with like bases and by guess and check

Substance                       Use                               Half-lifegallium-67               nuclear medicine                   80 hours cobalt-60                ... more
Exponential Equations Math Math Help


Find how long it takes $500.00 to double if it is invested at 8% compounded semi-annually.

Use A=P(1+r/n)^nt where:   A= the amortized amount (total loan/investment amount over the life of the loan/investment)P= the initial amount of the loan/investmentr= the annual rate of interestn=... more
Exponential Equations Math Algebra 2 Algebra


solving this exponential equation 3^x=2^x-1

solve the exponential equation algebraically
Exponential Equations Word Problem Logarithmic Equation


Solving exponential and logarithmic equations

A certain form of bacteria doubles every two hours. If a sample begins with 3 bacteria,(a) write a function to describe the population at time t and,(b) find the population a t = 2 hours
Exponential Equations Exponents


Solve by rewriting each side of the equation as a power with the same base.

2x+2 - 2x = 48
Exponential Equations Math Algebra 2 Math Help


Given an exponential function for compounding interest, A(x) = P(.91)x, what is the rate of change?

There are four possible answers to this problem that were given to me: A -0.09% B -9% C .91% D 91%   Thank you so much in advance. If you could please explain how you got your answer that... more
Exponential Equations


Solve an equation

Exponential Equations Precalculus


Need help solving an exponential equation

I've tried for the last hour and a half, but I can't figure out how to solve this problem. I'd really appreciate some help.    (50(2^x))/(1+2^-x) = 4
Exponential Equations


Hi, i was wondering how to find 'e' in the exponential trendline equation "8=142.72*e^(-0.512*6)

I'm doing a maths assignment and I have no idea how to find the e value in an exponential trendline equation, especially with a power equation attached


Half Life of a Substance

Suppose 128 oz of radioactive substance decays to 28 oz in 6 hours, what is the half-life of the substance?
Exponential Equations Algebra 1 Exponential Functions


Exponential Function

Determine an exponential function in the form y=Cbx given two points (0,-2) and (1,-6)   the answer is y= -2(3x) but I do not know how that was reached   thank you in advance
Exponential Equations


How to solve exponential equation. 5(3-2^(2-X)) = -65

The 2-X is in the exponent
Exponential Equations Word Problem Exponential Functions


mabel has 8000 in a bank her money decreases at the rate of 10% every month. How much money will she have after one year?

mabel has 8000 in a bank which is below her required remaining balance. As penalty, her money decreases at the rate of 10% every month. How much money will she have after one year?  
Exponential Equations


How to reduce exponential equation to quadratic equation form?

I was teaching a class and came across a question related to quadratic equations. Question was about reducing given exponential equation to quadratic form and solve by factorization later. I would... more
Exponential Equations Math Help Homework Tips


Exponential Relations

A) There is am estimated 2000 deer currently in China. The population is estimated to decrease by 8% every year due to the construction of homes in the area. At this rate how many deer will there... more
Exponential Equations


Exponential equations

Exponential Equations Algebra


Exponential Equation: 3^(x-1)=17

Exact Answer Approximate Answer   show work

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