Asked • 03/14/19

Multivariable Calculus for GRE?

This is going to sound strange, but I am a third year math major who never took multivariable calculus (despite having taken courses on Galois and Lebesgue theory, etc). I plan to take the GRE next year and need to learn multivariable calculus (and analysis) over the summer. **What are some good textbooks for a quick crash course on multivariable calculus that would be germane to the GRE Subject Exam?** Edit: How about [this book](, for example? [Regarding its reviews]( Edit 2: I have a pretty solid grasp of undergraduate linear algebra (having taken two courses in linear algebra and TAing the lower level course of the two). As such, the book may assume linear algebra as a prerequisite.

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Katie B. answered • 03/14/19

14 years Tutoring Experience, PhD in Math and Science Ed.

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