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PROBABILITY THEORY: Should I put the ball back?

In a distant past where party games are still allowed, a boring mathematician host presented two jars with the same appearance and tells you (another boring but very competitive mathematician):... more

What does it mean that the probability density function is proportional to a function?

I'm studying for SOA/CAS Exam P and I have a problem that says that $X$ is a continuous and positive random variable whose probability density function is proportional to: $$\\frac{1}{(1+x)^5}$$... more
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Help me focus my study for the GRE math subject exam?

I'm preparing for the GRE Math Subject test, but I'm at a bit of a disadvantage, having never taken an algebra class or a probability class. Obviously I'm not going to learn a semester of abstract... more
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Confusion about calculating probability of at least one event occurring?

The probability that Tom will win the Booker prize is 0.5, and the probability that John will win the Booker prize is 0.4. There is only one Booker prize to win. What is the probability that at... more
Probability Theory


Average lifetime and the median lifetime

Consider the following (illustrative) life tableAge lx0    1001     652     503     104     25     0 Lx is the quantitiy of survivos to age x. Calculate the average lifetime and the median... more

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