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Proof problem involving a inequality

If x,y positive real numbers, then its true that x^3+y^3 ≥ xy(x+y)
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Find the values of x such that f(x)<h(x) given f(x)=1-4^(2-x)[(1/2)^(x+3)] and h(x)=8^x

Find the values of "x" given: f(x)<h(x) f(x)=1-4^(2-x)[(1/2)^(x+3)] h(x)=8^x
Inequality Math Sat Math Algebra


Given the function f(x)=1-4^(2-x)[(1/2)^(x+3)], find the value/s of x such that f(x)<h(x) if h(x)=8^x

Hello! I would greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this problem involving exponential functions. Thank you in advance!


4 more than 6 times a number is greater than 20

Inequality Algebra


Solve -6≤ x- 2 Graph the solution.

I need help with this question for and important test thanks for the help:)


A number r is no less than -1.5 and fewer than 9.5



8 is greater than w, and 4 is less than or equal to w


College Algebra

Explain why the following function has no solution:[(x^2+2)]/[(x^2+1)]<0


Inequality Statement

Five less than 18 times the number x, is less than or equal to -45


The sum of 8 and b is at least 16



A number w increased by 6 is less than 28

Inequality Algebra 1


5 dollars less than two times Chris pay is at most $124.

This needs to be written as an inequality.


A number g is at least 4 and no more than 12



Twice x is greater than -19 how do I translate the sentence into an inequality


Solve the inequality in set notation or interval notation

-6<2-4x< 27


Solve the following Inequality

(x+4)^2(x-6)>0What is the solution? I forgot the steps to solve this and my notes are a bit sloppy. I would really appreciate if someone can walk me through this step by step so I won't have... more
Inequality Algebra 1


Twice the difference of a number and 10 is at most -22 . How do i write this?

How do i translate this into an inequality

How to prove that $ \\sin \\angle{GAB}+\\sin \\angle{GBC}+\\sin \\angle{GCA} \\le \\frac{3}{2} $ for a triangle $ABC$ with centroid $G$?

Let $ G $ be the centroid of $ \ riangle ABC $ , such that $ \\measuredangle{GAB}=x,\\measuredangle{GBC}=y,\\measuredangle{GCA}=z $. How do I prove that : $$ \\sin x +\\sin y +\\sin z\\le... more

Variation on Pythagoras: If $a^2 + b^2 = c^2$, then $a + b \\leq c\\sqrt{2}$?

This is a very interesting word problem that I came across in an old textbook of mine. So I know its got something to do with derivative of the Pythagorean Theorem using calculus, trigonometry,... more


Proving that the sum of any two sides of the triangle is greater than the third side?

I know it's easy to prove with the help of linear inequalities, but this time I want to prove it with the help of trigonometry. Is it possible? If yes, then how?


GRE Practice Question Incorrect?

This is a sample GRE question. The answer claims that we cannot make an inference due to insufficient information. > *Compare the following quantities:* > > Of the 25 people in Fran’s... more

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