Asked • 03/19/19

Reading Comprehension question?

Here is a GRE practice question that I have an issue with. It is given [here](, Question #7.>*Passage:*> >French cuisine is highly regarded all over the world. Yet in Paris there are more American restaurants selling burgers and fries (which many people now class as ‘junk food’) than there are in any other European capital city. Obviously the French are very fond of ‘junk food’, and are not too proud to eat it. >*Question:* >Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the author’s contention?>>A. There are also a larger number of Lebanese restaurants in Paris than there are in other European capital cities >B. French Cordon Bleu cuisine is very expensive >C. The number of French tourists eating in New York burger restaurants is very low >D. Junk food is actually has high nutritional value when eaten in moderation >E. There are an unusually large number of American tourists in Paris who eat at burger joints.**E** is the correct answer given.However, I think **C** should be correct, ***because*** the author is implying that French are fond of junk food. Option C would violate author's point of view. Further, **option E** says that a large number of American tourists eat in burger joints, which doesn't imply that French people don't eat there.

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