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Reading comprehension question?

Can you help me regarding the following question related to the paragraph below. For me, all the options can be answer because each option contains a non-text and text information.> Furthermore, very often today words and images of various sorts are> juxtaposed and integrated in a variety of ways. In newspaper and> magazines as well as in textbooks, images take up more and more of the> space alongside words. In fact, in many modern high school and college> textbooks in the sciences images not only take up more space, they now> carry meanings that are independent of the words in the text. If you> can't read these images, you will not be able to recover their> meanings from the words in the text as was more usual in the past. In> such multimodal texts (texts that mix words and images), the images> often communicate different things from the words.An example from a science textbook of the phenomenon the author describes in the third paragraph could beA) A genetic tree that coincides with the discussion of specific mammal classes in the textB) A diagram of a specific chemical reaction that is used to explain a broad definition in the textC) An illustration of a plant cycle that accompanies a chapter on photosynthesisD) A cartoon that references the same methods discussed in the text about laboratory safety

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