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How to solve Work->Break->Work pattern questions?

Machine/Person A: Works for 20 hours and take break for 4 hours (repeated cycle) Machine/Person B: Works for 40 hours and take break for 8 hours (repeated cycle) In X amount of hours ( say x is... more
Least Common Multiple Proofs Greatest Common Factor


Prove that gcf(p,q) = gcf(p+q,lcm(p,q))?

Prove that gcf(p,q) = gcf(p+q,lcm(p,q))?
Least Common Multiple


How many days will pass before the two ships leave Los Angeles on the same day again?

Two cruise ships leave Los Angeles at the same time. They take 1212 and 88 days, respectively, to reach their destination and return to Los Angeles. The cruise ships each take continuous trips to... more
Least Common Multiple


How do I answer this maths problem?

Gill saves £105 each week for x weeks. Matt saves £147 each week for y weeks. If Gill and Matt end up saving the same total amount of money, write down the smallest possible values for x and y.
Least Common Multiple


math problem

julie is setting up fish tanks at the pet store. she has 51 angel fish, 68 gold fish and 102 guppies. if each tank must have exactly the same number of angel fish, the same number of gold fish and... more
Least Common Multiple


What is the least number of seconds that will elapse before they are again together at the staring point?

Two robots run around a circular track 400 m long. One robot runs at a steady rate of 20 m per second, the other at a steady rate of 25 m per second. suppose they start at the same point and the... more
Least Common Multiple


I need help with this LCM word problem

A necklace has 3 strands of beads. Each strand begins and ends with a red bead. If a red bead occurs every 6th bead on one strand, every 4th bead on the second strand, and every 10th bead on the... more
Least Common Multiple


Last summer, Karl went to the beach every 2 days. Antonia went to the beach every 3 days. How often did they see each other at the beach? How many days?

A question I know nothing about.. Please help and quickly!!! Please


How do I find the (LCM) or the (LCD) of fraction?

How do I find the (LCM) or the (LCD) of fraction? Is the LCM the same as the LCD? Do they have a link with each other?
Least Common Multiple Math


there are 2 neon signs both of them blink as they are on the green sign blinks every 9 seconds the pink sign blinks every 15 secs

If the green sign blinks every 9 seconds and the pink sign blinks every 15 seconds how many seconds will they blink together im really having a hard time coming up with this answer can u show me... more

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