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Skeleton System

What are the cells involved in Intramembranous ossification?How these cells activated and what are the roles of these cells?and alsoWhat are the cells involved in Endochondral ossification?How... more

How to write perfect scientific essay about bones and cartilages?

Tips and recommendations ?

How bone regenerates and why?

What is VPO,PO,ILN,MD,VPN in this paragraph?

Pain begins in free nerve endings in the skin it is then propagated by Adelta and C fibers to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord where they synapse on dorsal horn neurons. These dorsal horn neurons... more


What and how exactly do I need to write to get full mark ? What kind of diagram I should use?

How to label hypothalamic-pituitary structures ?

Hello, here is the hypothalamic-pituitary image I am using to label from A-G : https://ibb.co/G3bY3HyI think answer is A- NeuronsB- Neurosecretory cellsC- Inferior hypophyseal arteryD- Anterior... more

I have a z values statistics question.

A population is normally distributed with µ=36 and δ=10 What is the probability of randomly selecting a value that is greater than 45?I get 18,41%, but on my lecture slides the answer is : Area... more


p values differing amongst two groups in comparison

this is a board exam practice question, so I apologize in advance for leaving out all the details. I don't even know if this is a legitimate study.this was a study based on serum glucose levels... more


Normal distribution and Probability

Say we have GRE scores are normally distributed with mean 500 and standard deviation 100. Find the probability that a randomly selected GRE score is greater than 620. We want to know what’s the... more


Statistics Problem about probability

We have an urn with 1 red ball and 9 yellow balls. We will sample 3 balls form the urn with replacement. What is the probability that we will obtain at least one yellow ball?


How to analyze changes over time statistically

I have narcotic prescription rates for each states for the last 10 years. I want to assess changes over time, but am unsure how to approach the data. I want to know what the general trend is, then... more


PLEASE HELP ... i drew a box plot for the distribution 85,85,90,90,90,110,110,110,125 and it looked like a solid box because my median was same as Q1. Is it ok for the median to be the same as Q1??

median =90 Q1 =90 ⁄\ / / Lv / Q3 Lv •—————l‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾¯¯¯¯¯¯l———————————————• ... more


What is an "at home" genetic data analysis project?


What is the central limit theorem in biostatistics?


can this be found? or is there not enough information?

Let X be a random variable that represents the number of accidents at an intersection and assume X has a Poisson distribution within mean of 3.8 accidents per month what is the mean number of... more


what is the formula for the false positive and how do i calculate the predictive value positive?

Neuroblastoma is a rare serious but treatable disease. The prevalence of this disease is 6.3%. Study of the screening test for neuroblastoma the VMA test a urine test gave the following... more
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