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Incidence Rate Question

What is the cumulative incidence and incidence rate of cancer in decimal form?Participant A: • Age: 7• Outcome: CancerParticipant B• Age: 2• Outcome: No CancerParticipant C• Age: 2• Outcome:... more
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What statistical test can I use?

I want to measure the increase of Fetal haemoglobin in patients in a few case studies before and after they use a specific drug. I am taking data from 5 studies, what test can I use and how can I... more


Interpreting the results of statistical data

A sample of 100 new born babies showed 15% underweight. Write the 95% confidence interval for the population proportion π. Interpret your result.
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Anatomy and Physiology

Approximately how many MORE high volume cholecystectomy surgeries were performed in 2007 than 1998?
Biostatistics Science Statistics Anatomy


Anatomy and physiology

What country spends the most on research and development for GERD? Aka gastroesophageal reflux disease
Biostatistics Science Statistics Anatomy


Anatomy and Physiology

What age group of women is most at risk for peptic ulcers?
Biostatistics Science Statistics Anatomy


Anatomy and physiology

In 2006, what region in the U.S had the highest incidence rate of colorectal cancer? Why do you think this was?
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Using EcoRI, which cuts at 5' GAATTC 3', indicate how many strands would be produced?

5’ A G A A T T C G C T T A A G T C G A C G T A A G C C G G A A T T C C A T T C G A A T T A G 3’ 3’ T C T T A A G C G A A T T C A G C T G C A T T C G G C C T T A A G G T A A G C T T A A T C 5’ Using... more
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Statistical Inference

In statistical inference, which of the following is NOT considered a random variable?I. 𝑥̅1-𝑥̅2II. μ1–μ2III. 𝑥IV. 𝑥̅V. 𝜇a. II, IIIb. I, II, V c. II, Vd. I, IV, V
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So no one has helped me with my chemistry homework at all and I really need it so please someone respond and help me as soon as possible

1.) 3 Cu + 8HNO3 g 3 Cu(NO3)2   + 2 NO + 4 H2OIn the above equation how many moles of NO can be made when 58 moles of HNO3 are consumed? 2.) 2 NH3 + 3 CuO g 3 Cu + N2 + 3 H2OIn the above equation... more


Statistical Analysis Test

What statistical analysis should I use in SPSS to evaluate/compare the number of Listeriosis illnesses/hospitalizations/deaths to the associated food that caused the outbreak? I have 6 total food... more
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How agrin and also neuregulin work to maintain muscle viability ?

How agrin and also neuregulin work to maintain muscle viability ?
Biostatistics Statistics


Confidence interval Question

Measurements of gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid (milliequivalents per hour) in 16 normal subjects and 10 subjects with duodenal ulcer yielded the following results: Normal subjects: 6.3,... more


Climate change Solutions

How can we prevent the earth's average temperature from rising by more than 2 ° C to 2100? Any detailed answer would be much appreciated!


Apply chi-square test to a research article.

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how do i convert 65±5 (Mean±SEM) mmol/g to nmol/g?



If a randomly sampled individual from this population tests positive, what is the probability that they actually have COVID-19?

Had COVID-19 but tested negative: 4Had COVID-19 and tested positive: 166Did not have COVID-19 but tested positive: 129Did not have COVID-19 and tested negative: 1,218Total adults tested in sample:... more


Which Type of Statistical Test Do I Choose From for Finding Optimum, and How Would I Calculate It?

So currently I am working on a study about carrying concentrations of Aloe vera gel % and how it affects the growth density of probiotics (in OD640 units) to find out which concentration of Aloe... more
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Given the progeny, write all possible genotypes for BOTH parents, list the proportion of each progeny type you think the cross must have produced.

SHOW WORK. A single autosomal gene affects fur color in a particular breed of hamster, and there are multiple alleles of this gene in hamster populations. The table below gives each allele... more
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Finding the Mean

For the following three questions, a team of psychologists studying narcolepsy (a sleep disorder characterized by sudden nodding off during the day) decided to follow 20 narcoleptic volunteers... more
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A clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a test drug and traditional control drug in the treatment of Candida vulvovaginitis.

Treatment n of valid cases n of invalid cases Total Trial group 100 13 113 Control group 80 29 109 Total 180 42 222 H0=H1=a=actual frequency=theoretical frequency=chi square... more
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Smooth muscle contraction- graph!

Hi,I am provided with two experiments, with 2 tables of results, but I am unsure what graph I should use and what I should put on the x and y-axis.In the first experiment, trachea strips are put... more


What is the differential diagnosis of HER2 positive breast cancer ?

What is the differential diagnosis of HER2 positive breast cancer ?

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