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When 3 taken from twice a number the result is the same as adding 3 to the number. Whats the number

I never asked the teacher anything and niw i am confused. Could you help


Find C and a so that f(x)= Ca^x Satisfies the given equations

f(-2)=4/5   f(2)=1/20


how to write equation

Write the equation of a line perpendicular to the given line and passing through the given point.  y=-2/3x +2; (3,3)


The difference of twice a number and 6 is at least -30

im having trouble can you solve it?


The gizmo store sells gizmos. You pay $3 for the first 3 gizmos and $0.75 for each additional Gizmo.

a. Define an independent and a dependent variable and describe a function that arises from this scenario. Give any restrictions on the values of the independent variable.  b. Find an equation for... more


A circle has a radius of 5/3 and is centered at 9.2, -7.4. Write the equation of this circle.

I've been on this one for quite a while.


Equations challenge

find y if a^3y-5 = 1 / a^2


James scored a summary of 15 points during a basketball game. How many free throws did James make during the game.

James scored a total of 15 points during a basketball game. During the game he made only free throws worth 1 point each and 3 point baskets. He made a total of he made a total of 7 baskets. How... more


solve the simultaneous equation

3a + 2b =7 a -2b =5


The height of a golf ball in the air can be modeled by the equation h=negative16t squared plus 76t, where h is the height in feet of the ball after t seconds

a. How lone was the ball in the air b. What is the ball's maximum height? c. When will the balol reach its maximum height?


Which answer shows this equation written in standard form? 9 – 4(x – y) = –6x + 6

A. –10x + 4y = –3 B. 2x + 4y = 3 C. 2x – 4y = 3 D. 2x + 4y = –3


The sum of two numbers is 36. Their difference is 24. Calculate the numbers

Just a little confused on this math question need help on how to do it with steps explaining 


The first 100 counting numbers are arrangedin columns as shown. What would be the sum of all numbers in column C? See descriptio

Where Sn is the sum, n is the number of terms, a1 is the first term, and an is the last term. Plugging in we get Sn = 20(3 + 98)/2 Sn = 1010   ?????why are we dividing by 2?????


(82 + 77 + 75 + X) /4 +83, solve for X

We know the answer to this is 98 but can not figure out how to solve.  Help a 7th grade student solve step by step.


Write and equation of (-5,-6) and (0,-3) ?

Don't know 


Passing through (2, 2) and perpendicular to the line whose equation is y = 4x + 7; point-slope form

Use the given conditions to write an equation for the linein the indicated form.


Twice the difference of a number and 3 equals 9 .

Use the variable x for the unknown number.


Please solve these equations and find x y z and p

2x=3y+1 2y=3z+1 2z=3p+1


a car trvels 480km in 6 hours. How many km per hour does it travel

math algebra study guide help im in 7th grade pre algebra


the sum of two numbers is 55 and the difference is 5. What are the numbers?

larger number and smaller number
1 4 5 7 9 10 37

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