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Two step equations

187 in. long pipe is cut into three pieces such that the second piece is thirteen in. more than the first piece, and the third piece is twenty in. more than eight times the second piece.


im lost on this equation

2x^−20x−2=0 exponent is 2


x-9+3(x-9)^3=18 then x=

Please give me answer


How subtitution and elimination equations are the same

What are the similarities between substitution and elimination 


I'm trying to help my son with a homework question on equations and don't remember how to do them

I need to write an equation in terms of x and y that can be used to represent the total number of pounds of fruit salad the chef will make.  He is making 20 pounds and the x = grapes and the y =... more


Kai’s solo in the next band performance is 4 times as long as Dena’s solo. Kai’s solo is 12 minuets long. Find the length of Dena’s solo.

 Use the Variable d in the equation. The equation needed to solve this problem is? how long is Dena’s solo?


Equation word problem

Scott is four times older then Beth. In six years from now Scott will only be three times older then Beth. Write down equations to describe the relationship between their ages. Now solve the... more


Solve for n in: 16^n = cube√(2^2)

I'm giving an equation in that form and ask to solve for n...  How do I solve for n? 


Write and solve an equation to find the number of students at this school

There were 196 students that participated in a clean up event at a near by lake. This is one fourth of the entire student population. Write and solve an equation to find the number of students at... more


4x+3y=78 and 3x/2y=27/22 find the value of y-x

This is the questions no further information


Area=5/1/8 square yards, length=1/1/2, width=?

My name is Ishmam A. I am a 6th grader.


If I want to square both sides of an equation, are there any precautions I need to take?

A teacher of mine insists that both sides need to be positive in order to be able to do that. Is that even correct?


Logarithim Question

Solve the Equations   1.log x=6   I got 100,000 but I am just checking to see if I am correct   2. log(lower)5 (regular)5^3   I got 3  


Writing 2 equations from the information given..

A 500g slab of cheese is completely eaten by two mice. If Minnie had eaten twice as much as she did, and Mickey had eaten half as much as he did, there would have been 100g left. If Minnie = x... more


Evaluate the expression without using a calculator. log6 (1)/(sqrt(6))

The equation is log6 and then 1 over the square root of 6.


Write the equation in its equivalent logarithmic form. root(3,125)=5

The 3 is outside of the root and the 125 is in the root.


Write the equation in its equivalent exponential form. log b 9 = 2 or log(b,9)=2

I wrote the equation in two ways in case you don't understand one over the computer. They are both the same equation. 


nintey-six eggs were used before 8:00 am. if 144 eggs were used in 2.5 hours, how many eggs were used after 8:00 am?

i need a awnser for this and a Equation to go with it. please asap


(a) 6^2x = 250 (b) log3 (x-3) + log3 (x-7) = 4

Round answers to four decimal places.


Find the equation of a line through the point (8,-1) and perpendicular to the graph of the line 2x+3y=21. Write the equation in slope intercept form

Having trouble figuring out how to do this problem with being given the slope of the line


When 3 taken from twice a number the result is the same as adding 3 to the number. Whats the number

I never asked the teacher anything and niw i am confused. Could you help


Find C and a so that f(x)= Ca^x Satisfies the given equations

f(-2)=4/5   f(2)=1/20


how to write equation

Write the equation of a line perpendicular to the given line and passing through the given point.  y=-2/3x +2; (3,3)
1 2 3 4 6 8 9 37

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