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I’m attempting to sketch the graph of the following question, how would I answer the interval chart steps below?

Info:the interval is for the following function, y = cos(2x) —————- 3-2sin2(x) I’m sketching the graph of it dy/dx can only be positive or negative slope can only be up or... more


Suppose sin(theta)= m where 0° Is Less than or equal to theta and less than or equal to 90°. Write an expression for each of the following in terms of “m”

 a) sin(theta) = ?                           b) cos(theta) = ?    
Unit Circle Trigonometry Maths


Cos theta = -1/2 and sin theta = -1/2

Calculate all values of theta on unit circle: when cos theta = -1/2 ; and also when sin theta = -1/2


Let sin(x)= -4/5 in quadrant 4 and let tan(y)= -5/12 in quadrant 2

Find sin (x-y)Find cos (x+y)Find cos (x/2)Find tan (2x)Find cos (2y)
Unit Circle Trigonometry


Please help with answer

The terminal side of angle θ in standard position lies on the line 4y +3x = 0 inQuadrant II. Find all six trigonometric functions of θ .
Unit Circle Trigonometry



Find all angles θ , where - 2π < θ < 0, such that tan θ = sqrt3/3 . Find all angles θ , where 360° < θ < 720°, such that sec θ = −2 and csc θ > 0.


What is the max. temperature (Celsius) that occurs on the second day?

f(t) = 18-4cos(π/12(t+1))t stands for the hour


Trigonometry problem (Unit Circle). Please help!

Given that -1/3 is the x - coordinate of the trigonometric point of an angle, what is P( 𝝅 - 𝜽)?


Plot the Polar Coordinates

Plot the Points with polar coordinates (-6,-π/6) and (2, 3π/2). Plot on the Unit Circle.Small320×320Please help! I'm just not understanding this. Please explain! Thank you!


Trigonometric Equations

Using inverse trigonometric functions, find a solution to the equation  cos(x)=.7 in the interval 0 to 4pi. Then, use a graph to find all other solutions to this equation in this interval. Enter... more


how would I solve for csc theta = 2.3 on my calculator and get an answer in degrees?

cscΦ = 2.3   How would I find theta in degrees using my graphing calculator. Would I just use sin on both sides to cancel out theta or would I have to do something else?
Unit Circle


The cos of 3pi/4

Typed like on a computer 
Unit Circle


tan(θ)=−1 and sec(θ)<0. Which of the following can be the angle θ?

 this question for my pre-cal class and Im having a hard time understanding it and don't know where to start from can you help me please?
Unit Circle Trigonometry


tan(-20)= -tan(20). Why?

In two or more complete sentences, use your knowledge of the unit circle to describe why the following trigonometric equation is true.tan(-20°) = -tan(20°)
Unit Circle


Evaulate:- sec 690

Unit Circle I have doubt evaulate:- - sec690°  

Find the area of the sector to the nearest square root

A sprinkler is designed to rotate 360 degrees clockwise, and then 360 degrees counterclockwise to water a circular region with a radius of 12 feet. The sprinkler is located in the middle of the... more

Need help solving this math problem with trigonometric functions :)

Suppose the terminal point determine by t lies in the second quadrant and is (-24/25, y).   (a) Find y.   (b) Find the value of the 6 trigonometric functions at 837π + t   I believe the... more


UNIT circle question

An equilateral triangle is inscribed in the unit circle. find the exact perimeter of the equilateral triangle.


Equilateral triangle UNIT circle

An equilateral triangle is inscribed in the unit circle. find the exact perimeter of the equilateral triangle.


Trig question help

A snowboarder does tricks and names them by their degrees. convert their spins to radians.  A) "I just performed a Cab540" b) "did you see that Niki Huwlyer landed a quintuple cork 1980?" c)... more


Trig problem

Evaluate sin(sin-1(sin60)) [60 degrees]   and    evaluate cos-1(cos(cos-10.5)) if the angle is in quadrant 1. 

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