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Which of the following are serious threats to wildlife?

I. Conservation of wildlife habitat to space for housing agriculture.II. Pollutants from chemical insecticides used in farms.III. Catching of animals by families for their food.IV. Illegal hunting... more


how did certain plants and animals' bodies know how to adapt to their surroundings to survive?

for example, plants growing fruits and vegetables, moths and butterflies evolving over time and their wings getting certain patterns that drive off predators, so basically, how was their body able... more


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How are the daily energy needs between a lion and zebra different?


I just got this new hermit crab, we brought hi home he looked healthy and happy until we brought two more home they were shy and didnt mind Beau (our first hermit crab). But a couple hours later... more


Why are small pet turtles not really a very good house pet?


Which of the following would increase the rate of heat exchange between an animal and its environment?

VasoconstrictionWind blowing across the body surfaceCountercurrent heat exchangerBlubber or fat layer
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Why is a lion not evil?

One often hears the claim that animals who kill and such, are not in fact evil. The typical example is that of a lion or a tiger that kills a prey. The argument is more or less that the animal acts... more

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