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I have to find the domain and put it into interval notation.
Domain Logarithms


Find the domain of the functions?

a) f(x)=log(base 2)(logx) b) f(x)=log(base 3)(9-x^2)   How to get an answer of: a)x>1 b) -3<x<3

Finding domain of a rational function

Find the domain of this rational function:   r(x) = (1302x-871)(1175x+1324)/(867x+1076)(1465x-832)


Domain Question

Greg is going into business selling homemade blankets.The supplies for each blanket cost him $3.00, and he wants to earn at least $17.00 for each blanket to compensate for his time. The domain for... more
Domain Square Root


find domain if f(x)=sqrt(-2x-6)

I cannot for the life of me figure this problem out and i cannot find an example like this in my math book. Please help! I need to know how to work this problem.


What values, if any, are excluded from the domain of the function?

1. f (x) = 3x + 2 3. G (x) = x² + 1 7. H (x) = x² - x + 1 9. f (x) = (2x - 5) / 3 13. F (x) = (x - 2) / 2   My math book, in the answer sheet says that "none" is the answer for all these... more


what's amplitude and period for domain and range and how do you find the turning point of a Sine cos and tan graph?

what's amplitude and period for domain and range and how do you find the turning point/point of inflection of  Sine cos and tan graphs?


I can't seem to solve this problem. Can someone please help me and show me how to solve this!? IM SO LOST

Roma conducts an experiment in which he measures the height of a person and their weight. He sets the independent variable to be height (in inches) and the dependent variable to be weight (in... more
Domain Formula Gofg


Find the formula and domain of H

Suppose that  f(x)= 5x2+8x and  g(x)=5x-5   For each function h given below, find a formula for h(x) and the domain of h in interval notation A) h(x)= (fοg)(x)    h(x)=    domain= B)... more


Find the domain in interval notation

What is the domain in interval notation of  y=ln(x^2-1x-20)  


Use interval notation to indicate the domain of F(x)

f(x)= 4√(x^2-8x) find the domain in interval notation 

asymptote help

Let f(x)= 2x-18                x-5 a) state the domain b) state the horizontal asymptote. c) state the vertical asymptote(s).   

domain and range

What is the domain and the range  of f(x)=3x+4

F(x) help show work

Let f(x)=e3x   (a.) Find the inverse function of f. Show work. (b.) What is the domain of f ? What is the domain of the inverse function?


Domain, x-intercepts, y intercepts

Let  P(x)=-2x^4+2x^3+12x^2 When factored, P(x)= -2x^2(x+2)(x-3) (a).State the domain. (b) State the x-intercepts: (c) State the y-intercept:

function help please

Let f(x)=   6x^2-6                     x^2-7x+10 (a) Write f(x) with the numerator and denominator completely factored. (b) State the domain. (c) State the vertical asymptote(s). (d) State... more


Determine the domain

Determine the domain of the functions show work   a) f(x)= 1/x^3   b) f(x)= (x+4)^2/4x-3   c) f(x)= x^2+3x-10/x^2=2x

State the domain of the quotient

State the domain of the quotient f / g where f(x)=x-3 and g(x)=√x-1  Explain and show work 



i want to know the implied domain of the function 


find the domain

(d) Find the domain of the function   f(x)=ln(8−2^x2)

(FIRST PART ALREADY ANSWERED AND NEW PART ADDED) Why do you find the domain of both the numerator and denominator in a rational equation? When do you do it?

For example, if you had:   x-3 ------ 5x+3   you'd only find the domain and use the denominator. Why wouldn't you also do the numerator?    And then you'd use both the  numerator and the... more


Find the domain of each function.

Find the domain of each function.   1.) f(x)=(x^2-4x+3)/(x-1)2.) g(x)=(x^2-4)(x-3)/(x^2-x-6)3.) F(x)=(x^3-2x^2)/(x-2)4.) G(x)=√(x-1)5.) f(x)=3/√(x-4)

Find the domain of the rational function please

Find the domain of the rational expression (Show all work)   R(x)= -7-6x/x^3-5x^2+6x


domain and function

find the domain and the range of function of h(x) = √(x) +6   (where x is being square rooted and 6 is not) 


domain and range

find the domain and the range of the function h(x) = √x +6 

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