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Paige N.

asked • 10/16/13

Find the domain of each function.

Find the domain of each function.
1.) f(x)=(x^2-4x+3)/(x-1)

2.) g(x)=(x^2-4)(x-3)/(x^2-x-6)

3.) F(x)=(x^3-2x^2)/(x-2)

4.) G(x)=√(x-1)

5.) f(x)=3/√(x-4)

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Vivian L. answered • 10/16/13

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Paige N.

Thank you very much Madam! I reall appreciate your detailed answer! :)


Vivian L.

How are you doing?  I am very curious as to how you scored. Please e-mail me and let me know.
It was always my understanding that the way to establish domain is by reducing the equation to its simplest form, and then finding limitations.
I was on another website, executing some research.  According to this, the original equation is used to set the limits.
What did your instructor say?


Paige N.

Good Day Madam,
My instructor haven't said anything yet as of now. He gave us this as an assignment and it is due tomorrow. I tried to ask help from my cousin who is also good at math, and he said that my answers starting from 1 to 3 are quite different from what he expected, but rest assured that your answers from 4 to 5 are correct. :) For example, he said that the answer for number 1 is "all real numbers except 1" for number 2 he said that the domain is "all real numbers except -2 and 3" while for number 3 he said that the domain is "all real numbers except 2". But I really appreciate your hardwork for answering this! :) Please do comment if you have any ideas too :)


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