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Water wave frequency

A water wave vibrates up and down four times each second, the distance between two successive crests is 5 meters, and the height from the lowest part to the highest part of the wave is 2... more


Find each of the following:

given the Function,   f(x) = 3sin(2x-pi/4)   find each of the following:    amplitude:  phase shift: period:   show any work.
Amplitude Math Physics Regents


Find the period and speed of the wave:

A periodic wave traveling in a uniform medium has a wavelength of 0.080 meter, an amplitude of 0.040 meter and a frequency of 5.0 Hertz. (a) Determine the period of the wave (b) Calculate the speed... more


the weight of 50N suspend from a spring vibrate vertically with amplitude of 8cm angular frequency(natural frequency) of 1 oscillation\sec

1)stiffness of the spring 2)find maximum velocity 3)find the maximum acceleration fn=1\2pi root of k\m fn= natural frequency w=mg g=9.81
Amplitude Trigonometry


find the amplitude of y = -3 sin 4x

find the amplitude of y = -3 sin 4x

Trigonometric Functions

Identify the amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift (mean value over one period) of: f(x)=−5cos(4πx−12π)+3  (π is pi)


Find the amplitude and the period of the function?

y=-5 sin(2x)


Graphing Trig Functions & Inverses

Determine the Amplitude: f(x) = 5 sin (4x) a. 5 b. pi/5 c. 4 d. pi/4   Determine The Period: f(x) = -2cos(2x-90) a. 180 b.45 c. 4 d. pi/4   what is the horizontal shift for the graph of:... more


Period, Amplitude, and Midline of equation

State the period, amplitude, and mid-line of y = 7 sin(4(t + 7)) − 8
Amplitude Math Science Physics


Physics: What are the following for this system: amplitude, frequency, period, spring constant, max velocity and total energy?

A 27.8 gram mass oscillates on the end of a spring and its motion can be described by: (1.5 )sin (21.4 t ) [here the units are standard, meters and seconds]   What are the following for this... more
Amplitude Math Science Physics


Physics: How fast would the car need to be going to have the change in frequency be one octave (frequency halved) difference?

At very fast car races the sound of the engine as a car approaches is much different than when it passes you. How fast would the car need to be going to have the change in frequency be one octave... more
Amplitude Physics


Find the amplitude, period, and frequency of the resulting Simple Harmonic Motion.

A body of mass 5 kg is suspended by a spring, which stretches 0.1 m when the body is attached. It is then displaced downward as additional 0.05m and released. Find the amplitude, period, and... more
Amplitude Graphs Domain Range


what's amplitude and period for domain and range and how do you find the turning point of a Sine cos and tan graph?

what's amplitude and period for domain and range and how do you find the turning point/point of inflection of  Sine cos and tan graphs?


help with amplitude graphs

    describe the following graphs of y.  give (a) its amplitude (if applicable), (b) its maximum and minimum (if applicable) and (c) its period.  List if it has no amplitude, maximum, or... more
Amplitude Phaseshift Period


find the amplitude, period and the phase shift

find the amplitude, period and phase shift of  y=2sin ((2/3)x-pi/6)


finding the phase shift

let y = √20sin(4piex+7e-1) what is the amplitude? what is the period? what is the phase shift? 

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