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The pig pen: Suppose that a rectangle pig pen is 4 feet longer than it is wide and its area is more than 32 square feet. The question is the dimension of the pen.

3. Sketch the graph of the function 𝑦 = 𝑥 2 + 4𝑥 − 32 and shade the 𝑥 −values that satisfy the inequality: 𝑥 2 + 4𝑥 − 32 > 0.

How to factor these

-63p^3-72p^2-90 b^2-7b+6 v^3+11+28 4n^2-1 9n^2-30n+25


please help me step by step so i may understand this on how to put this together

Copper (Cu) has two common isotopes. One isotope has 34 neutrons and 29 protons, and it accounts for 69.15% of all copper. The other isotope has 36 neutrons and 29 protons and it accounts for... more


chemistry problem, explain because I got lost doing this and its not giving me the answer that we have

The atomic mass of chlorine is 35.45 amu. Calculate the mass of the first isotope if it has a % natural abundance of 75.77% and the second isotope has % natural abundance of 24.23% and mass of... more
Problems Prealgebra


Maths question problem

I want to know how to solve this the proper way, not by trial and error :)In a town, 10% of the dogs think they are cats and 10% of the cats think that they are dogs. All the other cats + dogs are... more


chemistry chemistry

The specific heat of a certain type of cooking oil is 1.75 cal/(g ·°C). How much heat energy is needed to raise the temperature of 2.56 kg  of this oil from  23 C to 191 C? 


Find the missing number 50,51,77.5,156,391,____


Function Questions

1) Given h(x) = x - 4 g(x) = x2 - 6x Find (h + g)(x) 2) Given g(x) = 4x - 4 f(x) = x2 - 2x Find (g * f)(n)3) Given h(n) = 4n - 2 g(n) = -2n +... more


Pre-Algebra Word Problems

The owners of a candy store want to sell, for $6 per pound, a mixture of chocolate-covered raisins, which usually sells for $3 per pound, and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, which usually sells... more


Math Project Solving

At a supermarket that sells fruit by the pound, one person bought 3 lb of oranges and 6 lb of grapefruitfor a total of $6, while a second person paid $6.40 for 5 lb of oranges and 4 lb of... more


the sum of 2 integers is 52. find the numbers if one number is 2 greater than the other.

how to do the problem, i dont know how to do the problem  


Abar=2i +4j +5k , B =3i - 2j +2k find the A bar+Bbar



A bar=2i bar-4j bar+5k bar find the magnitude of A bar

 physics inrt 1s t year problems  


length of lumber cut into 2 pieces. length of 1 is 3 feet more than the other. length of pieces

A piece of lumber is 15 feet long. It is cut into 2 pieces. The length of one piece is 3 feet more than the length of the other. Find the length of the pieces.
Problems Physics Electricity


Physics problem

An electric force is formed by a charged particle q=1.5•10^(-9)C, (1.5 times 10 in the exponent -9).In what distance are placed two equalpotencial areas in vacuum, if their potentials are φ1=45 V... more


barry buys 200 pieces off stationary for £76. of the 200 pieces off stationary

barry buys 200 pieces off stationary for £76. of the 200 pieces off stationary, x off them are rulers that cost 50p each and y off them are pens that cost 20p each. find how many rulers Barry buys... more


If there are 10 backpacks, how many tote bags in the store?

Elaine owns a bag shop. Half of her inventory is made up of tote bags, while a third of the remaining bags are backpacks. The remaining bags are handbags. If there are 10 backpacks, how many tote... more
Problems Proportions


X is to 5 as 4 is to 7

What is the answer to the question 


A square is cut into two rectangles so that the sum of the lengths of the perimeters of these two rectangles is 30m

what is the length of thee square in cm  


Fraction Help 2 Problems

if a/b = 3/2, then 8a equals which of the following?   a. 16b b. 12b c. 3b/2 d. 8/3b   20% of 3 yards is how many fifths of 9 feet?   a. 1 b. 6 c. 10 d. 15

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