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Find the domain of the function. x/sqrt(x-10)

x over the square root of x-10. Find the domain.


Find the domain of the function. h(x) = x-2/x^3 - 49x

h(x)=x-2 over x to the 3rd-49x. Find the domain. 


Inverse Functions: Quadratic, square root

Consider the function f(x)=x^2+6 for the domain [0, infinity)   Find f-1(x), where f-1 is the inverse of f.   Also, state the domain of f-1 in interval notation


What is the domain and range from 30x+22=y?

I need to find the domain and range for a project and I have been struggling.


Let f(x) = 8x + 4 and g(x) = 3x − 9. Find the function and its domain.

I am not sure what x should be. I have the (-infinity, infinity) but I am not sure how to get the function.


Piecewise Functions Domain

Find the domain of the function. Enter your answer in interval notation.   f(x) = { x+3 if x<-1, -2x if |x| is less than or equal to 1, -2 if x>1   Help!?


domain of (12x+5)/(53)

i am trying to find the domain of this problem and feel stupid  


What is the domain of √x+3x-5

What is the domain of √x+3x-5


find the domain of (x+ 7)(x- 7) / x^2 + 49

 find the domain for the question


Of the equation s(t) = 6000 - 500t Find the range of this function when the domain is 2 and 7.

I needed to clarify my other question.  I need help determining the range of it. I'm stuck on this question for Math of Language arts question. I'm a little confused and the text book and videos... more


f(x)=6x+5 and g(x)=1-10x

don't know, so I was asking for help


Find the domain of the function

g(x) =     √x          _______      4x2 + 3x − 1


(f+g)(x)=4x-3 what's the domain of f+g

I need help finding the domain of f+g (F+g)(x)=4x-3 is there anybody who can help me with college algebra


find the domain of x+37/x+30

I have to find the domain of the function (x+37)/(x+30)


The function f has a domain of {1,3,5,7} and range of {2,4,6} could f be represented by {(1,2),(3,4),(5,6),(7,2)}? Justify your answer.

The function f has a domain of {1,3,5,7} and range of {2,4,6} could f be represented by {(1,2),(3,4),(5,6),(7,2)}? Justify your answer.


Domain of composition

If the domain of g(x) is the set Dg={x|x|}≠0 and the domain of f(x) is the entire number line, then   a. what is the domain of the composition f(g(x))?   b. what condition defines the domain of... more


find the domain for f(x)=3x+2/3x^2+5x+2

I need help finding the domain of the function of f(x)= 3x+2/3x^2+5x+2.


Solve the equation for the given domain

1.) cos2Θ + cosΘ-1=0 for 0°<=Θ<=180°   2.) 4cos2Θ=1 for 0°<=Θ<=360°


You have a coupon for $50 off your camera purchase of $100 or more.

Write a function relating a camera's purchase price after coupon, y, to the retail price, x.



domain of function using set builder notation


Domain of the equation

The maximum velocity of the Magnum XL-200 roller coaster depends on the vertical drop from the top of the highest hill to the bottom of that hill. v=8√¯h gives the relationship between maximum... more


Domain and Range

Find the domain and range of the function   y={x+1 if -5<x<0       x2    if 0≤x≤5


What's the domain of y=√7x-4

I've tried many different approaches to this problem but I still can't seem to get it. The answer choices are: A)x >_ 4 B)x >_ 4/7 C)x <_ 4 D)x <_ 4/7


find the domain of the rational function s(x)=17/(9x-18)

answer in interval notation requested


How to find the domain

Find the domain of y=1/x+3 = -9

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