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Inverse Functions Algebra 2 Functions


Are these two functions inverses of each other?

f(x)=4x+24 g(x)=1/4x+6
Inverse Functions Algebra 2 Algebra


What is the inverse of this function?

Find the inverse of f(x)=(x-2)^2+1 algebraically.
Inverse Functions Algebra 2 Algebra


How would you solve this?

 If you started with a square root function and needed to find the inverse, you would end up with a parabola. Graphically, those would never line up symmetrically. What do you have to do to fix... more
Inverse Functions Algebra 2


Graph the function . Which point lies on the graph?

Graph the function . Which point lies on the graph?
Inverse Functions Math Calculus


If the numerator of an inverse function is not 1, is it still an inverse function?

For example, would still be treated as an inverse function? I'm trying to find its negative intervals, and if it were a regular inverse function (with a 1 as the numerator), I would just find the... more
Inverse Functions


inverse of f(x)=-x^2 +14x+17 x<7

I cant figure out how to get the formula for the inverse function. I also need to include domain i believe x<_  
Inverse Functions


What is the f inverse of x?

If f(x) = (1 - x ) / 2 , what is f -1 (x)?
Inverse Functions


Find the f inverse of x, if f(x) = 1 + √ x - 2.

f(x) = 1 + √x-2 f-1(x) = ?
Inverse Functions


find the inverse of f(x)=(6x)/(x+1)

i dont know how to get rid of the second y
Inverse Functions


if f(x) =-8x+6/5x-1, find f^-1(x)

i'm not sure how to do inverse function questions 
Inverse Functions Graphing Functions


how do you graph the inverse function of f(x)=1/2x-5 ?

this is for IM2 math honors i need help on this i understand the switching part i just need an example to help me continue my homework.
Inverse Functions Math Calculus


Finding the inverse

If f(x)=ln(9x+b), find f^−1(x) in terms of b.
Inverse Functions Math Calculus


finding the inverse functions?

Part A: If f is one-to-one and f(6)=9, then f^−1(9)= ??? and (f(6))^−1= ??? Part B: If g is one-to-one and g(7)=11, then g^−1(11) = ??? and (g(7))^−1 = ???   Not really sure how to do this;... more
Inverse Functions Math Calculus


Finding the inverse?

If f(x)=(A+Bx)/(20+4x), with B≠0, compute f^−1(x) and f^−1(−9) in terms of A and B.
Inverse Functions Algebra 2


What's the inverse function of g(x)=-2(x-3)^3

Find the inverse function. 
Inverse Functions


Inverse function

If f:R-R is an invertible function such that f(x) and f^-1(x) are also mirror image to each other about the line y=-x then   (A) f(x) is odd. (B) f(x) and f^-1(x) may not be mirror image about... more
Inverse Functions Calculus Algebra


Invertible on the intervals question...

Use analytical and/or graphical methods to determine the intervals on which the following function has an inverse. (Make each interval as large as possible.)   f(x)=1/(x-4)   The function is... more
Inverse Functions


What is the inverse of 2^x-5 +3

I need to find what the inverse of this equation is I don’t need to know what x is equal to.
Inverse Functions


For which function is f(x) not equal to f -1(x)?

need help.
Inverse Functions


lef F(x)=2^x evaluate the following f(3)-f(1)/3-1

Just not sure how to solve or what the question is asking for the exam help would be much appreciated thanks!
Inverse Functions


what is the domain of F^-1(x)= √(1/4x+1/2)

The original question says find f^-1 for the function f.  f(x)=4x^2-2,x≥0 I found f^-1(x)= to be y=4x^2-2 and then did inverse function and found the fraction answer above I just don't know the... more
Inverse Functions Calculus Precalculus


Find the inverse of the one-to-one function. f(x) = 3/2x + 1

Show step by step. 
Inverse Functions


if two lines are parallel, then the two lines are in the same plane

what is the inverse , converse , and contra positive statement ?
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