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what is the domain of y=sqrt(tan(x))

y = sqrt ( tan(x) ) 

domain of p(x) 2-9x/ 6x^2+49x+8

 domain of p(x) 2-9x/ 6x^2+49x+8

the domain for -1x^2+12x-33

How do you find the domain for the equation -1x^2+12x-33 and what is it?

find the domain of 8/8 + e^x using interval notation

 I need help finding the domain and putting it in interval notation.


I need to find the domain using interval notation.   Thanks :)

find the domain in interval notation for the function

f(x) 2x^3-250/x^2-2x-15

Algebra question

consider (3x+1)/(2x^2+x-6) find all numbers that are not in the domain  write the domain Using set builder notation. 

domain of (6+x)/(e^(cos(x)))

domain of (6+x)/(e^(cos(x)))

domain of ln(e^x+5)

domain of ln(e^x+5)

domain of (x/1+x)/(1+(x/1+x))

domain of (x/1+x)/(1+(x/1+x))

domain of sin(5(sin5x))

domain of sin(5(sin5x))

domain of sin(5(x/(x+1))

domain of sin(5(x/(x+1))

domain of sqrt{-x^3+5x^2+9x-45}

domain of sqrt{-x^3+5x^2+9x-45}

x^2/4x-3 what is the domain. I can figure this out

This equation has me stumped, I know that it can not equal zero but that is it. Please help.

I need help understanding domain and range. For example. The time it takes to bicycle m miles at a rate of 15 miles per hour.

MY teacher tried to explain it to me a little bit....I still don't understand.  Like HOW???

Find the domain of the function and express it in interval notation.

ƒ(x)= 1 / √4x2 - 7x + 3   (^^^ That's a square root symbol ^^^)   Have tried many times with no correct answers so far   Please help ASAP!   Thanks :)

Determine the domain of each of the following functions. Write your answer for the domain in interval notation.

f(x)=3x-1 f(x)= -1/x^2+2x-3f(x)=Square root of x-6

Find the domain and range f(x)=4x²+3,0<or=x<or=6

 please help me find the domain and range   the 0≤x≤6 is throwing me off

State the implied domain of f(x)=1/v(2x+5)-8 using interval notation

State the implied domain of f(x)=1/√(2x+5)-8 using interval notation

find the domain of the function. f(x)=3-(9/x^3)

please help! answer needs to be in interval notation.

Given that f(x)=6/x–12 and g(x)=9/x+3, find

(a)(f+g)(x) and its domain is ... (b)(f-g)(x) and its domain is... (c)(fg)(x) and its domain is... (d)(f/g)(x) and its domain is...    domain must be in integral notation for all 

Identifying the domain of a function

Using interval function, find the domain of f(x)=1/5x^3-4   The answer key says (negative infinity, positive infinity), but I don't know how to arrive at the answer. 

How do you write f(x) = x^2 - 5x + 6 in interval notation

f(x) = x2  -  5x - 6 in interval notation

Give the domain of each of following functions in interval notation

a) f(x)= sqrt(x2-25)   b) g(x)= sqrt(5-x)/x2+x+30)   c) h(x) = -3x/sqrt(x)-4

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