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This set {x | -6 <x<-3} in interval notation

write the domain and range of the function.

h(x)= -|x+1|+2

write the domain and range of the function.

h(x)= -|x+1|+2

Solve the inequality in set notation or interval notation

-6<2-4x< 27

The length of a rectangle is 5 times the width. If the perimeter is to be less than 84 meters. What are possible values for width?

I didn't realize it was going to ask you to set it in interval notation, which is very confusing.

find the domain of m(x)=(x-2)/(x+3). write in interval notation

find the domain of m(x)=(x-2)/(x+3). write in interval notation

A= {z|z>2} and B={z|z<=5}

Using interval notation  

Compute the domain of the function

Compute the domain of the function f(x)= ax−15 in terms of a. Assume a>0. Answer with an interval, i.e. [0, infinity), or unions of intervals, i.e. (-infinity,1]U(6,9), or answer simply with an... more

Inequality/interval notation question

Let S be (−∞,3]∪[15,∞) Then S can also be described in set notation by the inequality |x−a|≥b   a=? b=?

6a-(9a+1)-(3a-1)>2 in interval notation and graphing on a number line


a < 0 and a greater than or equal to -3 written in interval notation

I’m not sure how to graph this problem and wrote it in interval notation.

Graph the inequality. Then write the solutions in interval notation. -2<x<1

Write it out in interval notation form, please.

Inverse Functions: Quadratic, square root

Consider the function f(x)=x^2+6 for the domain [0, infinity)   Find f-1(x), where f-1 is the inverse of f.   Also, state the domain of f-1 in interval notation

solve and write in interval notation x + 4 ≥ 5 and 6x ≥ 18

I have no idea what the answer is. i thinks its no solution but my homework is saying i am wrong

I don't know how to do this

In chemistry the volume for a certain gas is given by V = 10T, where V is measured in cc and T is temperature in °C. If the temperature varies from 70°C to 130°C, find the set of volume values.... more

Can someone explain, please?

So, there's a problem that is telling me write my answer in Interval Notation and it is telling me to do so except for -3 and 3. I am able to get the answer for the two numbers, but there's also a... more

8x+2<6x-2 in interval notation is

In interval notation

All real numbers that are less than or equal to 10

Less than or equal to 10  

What is the domain of (2x-9)/(7-x) using interval notation

I don't understand how to figure out the domain of this question could someone please help me get the answer 

Interval Notation

Solve the following inequality. Write the answer in interval notation.   1≤7x-6<7

Find the domain and range of the function (interval notation)

f(x) = 9x

Find the domain of the function

g(x) =     √x          _______      4x2 + 3x − 1

Write the set notation


How would I put 3<2x-3<15 into interval notation?

This question is really hard to me.
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