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Interval Notation Math Number Line


Graph and write the following in interval notation and number line representation.

The set real numbers greater than 1. The set of real numbers between -5 and 10. The set of positive real numbers greater than -2 but less than 12. The set of negative real numbers greater than or... more
Interval Notation Algebra 2 Algebra


interval notation

Answer the following questions for the function, h(x)=2x+6/x^2+6x+8.A) Is the point (0,0) on the graph of y=h(x)? B) What is the domain of h(x)? Give your answer using interval notation
Interval Notation Algebra 2


This set {x | -6 <x<-3} in interval notation

Interval Notation Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


write the domain and range of the function.

h(x)= -|x+1|+2
Interval Notation Algebra 2 Algebra Inequalities


Solve the inequality in set notation or interval notation

-6<2-4x< 27
Interval Notation Calculus


D={x|x>2} E={x|x≤5} Write D n E and D ∪ E using interval notation?

Interval Notation Math Algebra Linear Inequalities


The length of a rectangle is 5 times the width. If the perimeter is to be less than 84 meters. What are possible values for width?

I didn't realize it was going to ask you to set it in interval notation, which is very confusing.
Interval Notation


find the domain of m(x)=(x-2)/(x+3). write in interval notation

find the domain of m(x)=(x-2)/(x+3). write in interval notation
Interval Notation


A= {z|z>2} and B={z|z<=5}

Using interval notation  
Interval Notation Math Calculus Inequalities


Compute the domain of the function

Compute the domain of the function f(x)= ax−15 in terms of a. Assume a>0. Answer with an interval, i.e. [0, infinity), or unions of intervals, i.e. (-infinity,1]U(6,9), or answer simply with an... more
Interval Notation Inequalities Inequality Infinity


Inequality/interval notation question

Let S be (−∞,3]∪[15,∞) Then S can also be described in set notation by the inequality |x−a|≥b   a=? b=?
Interval Notation


6a-(9a+1)-(3a-1)>2 in interval notation and graphing on a number line

Interval Notation


a < 0 and a greater than or equal to -3 written in interval notation

I’m not sure how to graph this problem and wrote it in interval notation.
Interval Notation


Graph the inequality. Then write the solutions in interval notation. -2<x<1

Write it out in interval notation form, please.


Inverse Functions: Quadratic, square root

Consider the function f(x)=x^2+6 for the domain [0, infinity)   Find f-1(x), where f-1 is the inverse of f.   Also, state the domain of f-1 in interval notation
Interval Notation


solve and write in interval notation x + 4 ≥ 5 and 6x ≥ 18

I have no idea what the answer is. i thinks its no solution but my homework is saying i am wrong
Interval Notation


I don't know how to do this

In chemistry the volume for a certain gas is given by V = 10T, where V is measured in cc and T is temperature in °C. If the temperature varies from 70°C to 130°C, find the set of volume values.... more
Interval Notation


Can someone explain, please?

So, there's a problem that is telling me write my answer in Interval Notation and it is telling me to do so except for -3 and 3. I am able to get the answer for the two numbers, but there's also a... more
Interval Notation


8x+2<6x-2 in interval notation is

In interval notation
Interval Notation


All real numbers that are less than or equal to 10

Less than or equal to 10  
Interval Notation


What is the domain of (2x-9)/(7-x) using interval notation

I don't understand how to figure out the domain of this question could someone please help me get the answer 
Interval Notation Math Algebra Inequalities


Interval Notation

Solve the following inequality. Write the answer in interval notation.   1≤7x-6<7
Interval Notation Precalculus College Algebra


Find the domain and range of the function (interval notation)

f(x) = 9x
Interval Notation Precalculus College Algebra Domain


Find the domain of the function

g(x) =     √x          _______      4x2 + 3x − 1
Interval Notation


Write the set notation


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