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Follow the seven step strategy to graph the following rational function.

f(x)= 4/x2+x-6
Horizontal Asymptote Calculus Limits Vertices


Find H.A and V.A

f(x)=x^3-1/ x^2-1   there will be no h.a  and for the v.a we factor and we get x=1 and x =-1 
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Use the function to answer the following questions:

Use the function f(x) = x^2-2x-8 / x^2-9 to answer the questions:   1.) Find all zeros of f(x):     2.) Find any y-intercepts of f(x):     3.) Find the equation(s) of all vertical... more
Horizontal Asymptote Graph


Graph of horizontal asymptote

The graph of f(x) has a horizontal asymptote y=5.   1. What is the horizontal asymptote of the graph of f(x)+5?   2. What is the horizontal asymptote of the graph of f(x+5)?
Horizontal Asymptote Vertical Asymptote


Vertical asymptotes

Create a function whose vertical asymptotes are x=2 and x=1 and horizontal asymptote is y=3.
Horizontal Asymptote


Horizontal Asymptotes

f(x)=(3x3+1)/x   Use a table of values to show why when the degree of p(x) is larger than the degree of q(x), f(x) does not have a horizontal asymptote.  


Find the vertical, horizontal and oblique asymptotes.



Rational Function

Find a rational function that represents a graph that has a vertical asymptote at x=2 and x= -3 and a horizontal azymptote at y=0.   the answer is f(x)= (x-4)/(x2+x-6)    I understand how the... more
Horizontal Asymptote Algebra 2 Asymptotes


Identify the asymptotes, domain, and range of the function. f(x)= 3/ (x + 2) + 1

Horizontal Asymptote Limits Asymptotes Vertical Asymptote


List all vertical and horizontal asymptotes, if any, of f(x) and explain (using limits) why each is an asymptote.

Consider the function f(x) = [(x − 1)(x − 3)]/[2x(x+1)]   I think the vertical asymptotes are 0 and -1 and the horizontal asymptote is 1/2  please correct me if I am wrong...   I just need... more
Horizontal Asymptote Functions Analysis


Finding an irrational function with 2 horizontal asymptotes y=1 and y=5.

I can't seem to find an irrational function with the 2 horizontal asymptotes y=1 and y=5.I've looked everywhere and tried all I know, I keep getting 2 asymptotes that the contrary of each other eg.... more
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Horizontal asymptote?

y=(2x)/(√(x^2-5x+6))   How do you get one side to be >-2 and the other >2   This is for Grade 12 Advanced Functions.
Horizontal Asymptote Graphing


How do I graph a horizontal asymptote of (x+3)/2?

Without using technology, to graph (x^2+x-2)/ (2x-4)
Horizontal Asymptote Domain Vertical Asymptote


asymptote help

Let f(x)= 2x-18                x-5 a) state the domain b) state the horizontal asymptote. c) state the vertical asymptote(s).   
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function help please

Let f(x)=   6x^2-6                     x^2-7x+10 (a) Write f(x) with the numerator and denominator completely factored. (b) State the domain. (c) State the vertical asymptote(s). (d) State... more


find the vertical, horizonal, and oblique asymptotes, if any , for the following rational function.

Find the vertical, horizontal, and oblique asymtotes, if any , for the following rational function.  T(x)=x^3/x^4-81 ?
Horizontal Asymptote


what is the equation of the horizontal asymptote?

f(x) = (3x4+12x3+3x2+4x+9)/(1x4+4x3+4x2-2x+6) what is the equation of the horizontal asympotote y=?  does the graph f(x) intersect its horizontal asymptote?(yes or no) at what x values does f(x)... more

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