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Horizontal Asymptote Pre Calculus Y Intercept


Follow the seven step strategy to graph the following rational function.

f(x)= 4/x2+x-6
Horizontal Asymptote Calculus Limits


Find H.A and V.A

f(x)=x^3-1/ x^2-1   there will be no h.a  and for the v.a we factor and we get x=1 and x =-1 
Horizontal Asymptote Math Math Help


Use the function to answer the following questions:

Use the function f(x) = x^2-2x-8 / x^2-9 to answer the questions:   1.) Find all zeros of f(x):     2.) Find any y-intercepts of f(x):     3.) Find the equation(s) of all vertical... more
Horizontal Asymptote Graph


Graph of horizontal asymptote

The graph of f(x) has a horizontal asymptote y=5.   1. What is the horizontal asymptote of the graph of f(x)+5?   2. What is the horizontal asymptote of the graph of f(x+5)?
Horizontal Asymptote Vertical Asymptote


Vertical asymptotes

Create a function whose vertical asymptotes are x=2 and x=1 and horizontal asymptote is y=3.
Horizontal Asymptote


Horizontal Asymptotes

f(x)=(3x3+1)/x   Use a table of values to show why when the degree of p(x) is larger than the degree of q(x), f(x) does not have a horizontal asymptote.  
Horizontal Asymptote Precalculus Math Help


Find the vertical, horizontal and oblique asymptotes.

Horizontal Asymptote Algebra 1 Rational Functions


Rational Function

Find a rational function that represents a graph that has a vertical asymptote at x=2 and x= -3 and a horizontal azymptote at y=0.   the answer is f(x)= (x-4)/(x2+x-6)    I understand how the... more
Horizontal Asymptote Algebra 2 Asymptotes


Identify the asymptotes, domain, and range of the function. f(x)= 3/ (x + 2) + 1

Horizontal Asymptote Limits Asymptotes


List all vertical and horizontal asymptotes, if any, of f(x) and explain (using limits) why each is an asymptote.

Consider the function f(x) = [(x − 1)(x − 3)]/[2x(x+1)]   I think the vertical asymptotes are 0 and -1 and the horizontal asymptote is 1/2  please correct me if I am wrong...   I just need... more
Horizontal Asymptote Functions Analysis


Finding an irrational function with 2 horizontal asymptotes y=1 and y=5.

I can't seem to find an irrational function with the 2 horizontal asymptotes y=1 and y=5.I've looked everywhere and tried all I know, I keep getting 2 asymptotes that the contrary of each other eg.... more
Horizontal Asymptote Asymptotes Asymptote


Horizontal asymptote?

y=(2x)/(√(x^2-5x+6))   How do you get one side to be >-2 and the other >2   This is for Grade 12 Advanced Functions.
Horizontal Asymptote Graphing


How do I graph a horizontal asymptote of (x+3)/2?

Without using technology, to graph (x^2+x-2)/ (2x-4)
Horizontal Asymptote Domain Vertical Asymptote


asymptote help

Let f(x)= 2x-18                x-5 a) state the domain b) state the horizontal asymptote. c) state the vertical asymptote(s).   
Horizontal Asymptote Algebra Help Domain


function help please

Let f(x)=   6x^2-6                     x^2-7x+10 (a) Write f(x) with the numerator and denominator completely factored. (b) State the domain. (c) State the vertical asymptote(s). (d) State... more
Horizontal Asymptote Rational Functions Asymptotes


find the vertical, horizonal, and oblique asymptotes, if any , for the following rational function.

Find the vertical, horizontal, and oblique asymtotes, if any , for the following rational function.  T(x)=x^3/x^4-81 ?
Horizontal Asymptote


what is the equation of the horizontal asymptote?

f(x) = (3x4+12x3+3x2+4x+9)/(1x4+4x3+4x2-2x+6) what is the equation of the horizontal asympotote y=?  does the graph f(x) intersect its horizontal asymptote?(yes or no) at what x values does f(x)... more

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