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find the exact value?

sin 450°, cos(-780°), and tan (37π/6)


circles and angles (radians and degrees)

A cell phone tower sends a signal 3 miles in all directions. If you are driving on a raod that goes straight from 3.5 miles north of the tower to a location 4 miles west of the tower, during what... more


Word Problem (Trigonometry/Calculus)

A cart full of packages weighing 180 pounds is rolling down a ramp 12 feet long at an incline of 25° (the force applied by gravity is equal to the weight of the package). Find the work done by... more


Trig Equation

Solve the trig equation below. Make sure to give all possible answers. (Any and all angles are in degrees)sin∅ = -1


Trig Equation

Solve the trig equation below. Make sure to give all possible answers. (Any and all angles are in degrees)2cosα = √3
Degrees Factoring


Find the polynomial of degree three that has integer coefficients and zeroes of -3i, 3i, and -5.

We have to find factored form then multiply the factors. 
Degrees Geometry Angle Sum


What must be true about the measures of ?A and ?C ? - Show Work

The sum of the measures of ∠B and ∠C is 180°, and ∠A ≅ ∠B. What must be true about the measures of ∠A and ∠C ?   A. m∠A + m∠C = 90° B. m∠A + m∠C = 180° C. m∠A < m∠C D. m∠A > m∠C E. m∠A... more


Use an algebraic equation to find the measures of the two angles described below.

Use an algebraic equation to find the measures of the two angles described below. Begin by letting x represent the degree measure of the angle’s complement. The measure of the angle is 58 degrees... more


trigonometry question

A ladder leans against a wall with its foot 1.5 metres from the wall making for an angle of 45º36' with the ground. How long is the ladder?


Bearings - Size of the angle

I know that N ane E is 90º between each other but what is S and ESE? Apparently it's 67º30', I don't understand it, please help me!


final exam review. Please tell me the steps to solve these questions. thanks!

*When its graphing questions just give me steps to determine the coordinates   1.Solve by graphing. x+2 = √(-6x - 12)   2.a)convert 101° to radians b) convert 4pi/3 to degrees     3. List... more
Degrees Statistics


degree of freedom question

A researcher wanted to test the effect of a new drug on reducing blood pressure. In the study, there were 35 participants. The researcher measured the participants’ blood pressure before and after... more


Using only simple geometry (i.e., no trigonometry), determine the average width of a time zone at 60 degrees North latitude.

Use the fact that the mean radius of the Earth is 3,960 miles.    A hint was given. The surface of the Earth is divided into 24 time zones.
Degrees Physics Mass Heat


Heat transfer between metal and water, what amount of water is boiled?

You place a very hot piece of aluminum (T=120 degrees C, c=900 J/(kg*degrees C) into a 500ml beaker of water that is already at an initial temperature of 90.0 degrees C. The mass of this piece of... more

The measure of arc LP=34°. Find the measure, in degrees, of ?

the measure of arc LP=34°. Find the measure, in degrees, of θ
Degrees Math Physics Tree


How tall is the tree?

The Sun is 25 degrees above the horizon. It makes a 63-m-long shadow of a tall tree. How tall is the tree?

Graphing Trig. Functions & Inverses

Evaluate In degrees:   1. Sin^-1 (-2pi)    2. arctan (- square root 3/3)   3. sin (cos^-1(- square root 3/2)      Evaluate in Radians   1. Arctan (-1)   2. cos^-1 (- 1/2) 


Find the exact value of sin

Find the exact value of: sin(75?)


Given the function

Given the function f(x)= -5.6^6 + 9x- 0.6x^8+3 a. State the degreeb. name the leading coefficientc. Describe the behavior of both ends of the graphd. is the function odd, even or neither?e.... more


Solve for every possible triangle. a=7 b=8 c=9

would someone be able to help me


What is the width of the spill?

A pilot of a small plane was flying over an oil spill at an altitude of 10,000 feet.  He found that the near edge of the spill had an angle of depression of 58 degrees and the far edge of the spill... more


How much farther must she fly to get to Indianapolis?

A pilot intends to fly a distance of 175 miles from Chicago to Indianapolis.  She begins 21 degrees off her course and proceeds 70 miles before discovering her error.  After correcting her course,... more


Help finding the degree of a polynomial?

Given the expression –10p2q + 7p3q – 5q, do the following as instructed below: Write the polynomial in descending order.Classify the polynomial by the number of terms.State the degree of the... more
Degrees Precalculus


The distance between two points A and B on Earth is measured along a circle having center C at the center of Earth and radius equal to the

distance from C to the surface (see the figure). Assume the diameter of Earth is approximately 8,000 miles. If angle ACB has measure 1', then the distance between A and B is a nautical mile.... more

Polynomial Degree question

Hi guys I had a quick question? How do you determine the minimum degree of a function. Do you look at the roots or the extrema in the graph? If you do look at the x intercepts couldn't that answer... more

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