Abby L.

asked • 05/24/13

What are the answers to -4+sin(x)=-8+sqrt2/2

I need to know how to find the two answers between 0 and 2 pi. I need the answers in degrees, not radians. there should be two answers

Nataliya D.

Hi Abby. You have to understand the order of operations! There is huge difference between -4 + sin(x) = -8 + v2/2       and
                             -4 + sin(x) = (-8 + v2) / 2  !!!!!!!
The answer for first one is empty set of numbers, and for another one:
sin(x) = -4 + v2/2 + 4
sin(x) = v2/2 ---> x1 = 45o and x2 = 135o on the segment [0, 2pi].



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George C. answered • 05/24/13

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