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Vector Angles in Radians

Compute the angle in radians between each of the following vectors:a) v = (-2, -2) and w = (2, -2)b) v = (5, 0, 5) and w = (2, 2, 0)c) v = (3, 3, 3, 3) and w = (0, 0, -1, -1)


Convert The Angle of Measure from Radians to Degrees

Convert the angle measure from radians to degrees. (Enter your answer in exact form.)θ=4pi/7


What Fraction of The Circumference Radians

4pi/3 Describe what fraction of the circumference of a full circle is spanned by an angle with the given measure
Radians Algebra 2


Radian and degree measures

How are radian measures more versatile than degree measures?


Radians and Reference values

How are radian measures more versatile than degree measures? How can reference angles help to quickly identify trig function values?
Radians Math Precalculus


please help me with math. i cant figure it out

A trucks wheel has a dimater of 36 iches and travels at 50 miles per hour. what is the angular speed in radians per minute
Radians Math Angle


Radians to degrees

I am having a bit of a blank moment, when converting radians to degrees you know that, 2 x pi x radians = 360 degrees. so that pi x radians  = 180 degrees. Which should mean that radians on its... more


Find all exact solutions in radians.

a) 2sin^2 x = sin x     b) 2cos^2 x−cos x−1=0       c) tan^2x−tan x = 0

How many revolutions does the hoop make in one minute?

Ursula and her friends are playing hoop rolling. Ursula rolls a large hoop on the ground. The hoop rotates through an angle of 3/2π radians in 1 second.
Radians Tangent Degree


what number is the same under tangent with rad and deg

Basically, the question is tan(x) = Tan(x). Obviously besides 0, what would be the same under tan and Tan?


Finding velocity from radians

Compute the speed of a point on the surface of the Earth at equator due to the rotation of the Earth around its axis. The radius of the Earth is approx. 6400km.   My problem here is that I don't... more
Radians Math Trigonometry


Convert each radian measure to degree. Write your answer to the nearest second.

1. 3.2 2. 3pi 3. 2pi/3 4. 6 5. -4.15


Determine the height of a capsule/pod above the ground after 25 mins.

The diameter of the "Eye" is 135 meters and each rotation takes 30 mins. By first developing a suitable model to represent the rotation of the "Eye", determine the height of a capsule/pod above the... more
Radians Calculus Ap Calc


How do I solve this? (question too long)

The top of a 15-foot-long ladder rests against a vertical wall with the bottom of the ladder on level ground, as shown above (it's just a ladder leaning against a wall). The ladder is sliding down... more
Radians Math Math Help


Sine wave help

Find the period and frequency of a sine wave that has an angular velocity of 500 rad/s
Radians Math Arc


Radians Help

Find the central angle in radians that would intercept an arc of 5.83m in a circle of radius 7.29m


given degree find the radian measure

75 degrees
Radians Sinx F'(x)


What calculator mode should i use to get answers like this?

I have question cosx=1:2 Im in radian mode which is where im supposed to be i know for sure, but i have a problem.  Instead of getting an answer like my classmates- pie:3  I get the sulotion of... more


Is the radian always equal to the radius of a circle?

Is the radian of a circle always equal to the radius of a circle? If so, are there always the same number of radians in every circle? If an angle has a measure of 30 degrees, the radian would be... more

Advanced Functions Trigonometry

1. Though how many radians does the second hand of a clock move in 2 minutes and 40 seconds.   This question is one of the units in Advanced Functions, I really have hard time answering this... more


How can you construct a 1-rad angle?

is it possible?


Trig question help

A snowboarder does tricks and names them by their degrees. convert their spins to radians.  A) "I just performed a Cab540" b) "did you see that Niki Huwlyer landed a quintuple cork 1980?" c)... more
Radians Math Precalculus


Finding Linear Velocity

Two points, A and B, are on a sphere of the radius 4000 miles. The angular speed of point A is pi/15 radian per hour. How do I find the Linear velocity of Point A? Thanks in advance.


Confused on steps to finding smallest positive radians

Consider the equation cos(3.14t)=-0.7. Find the smallest positive solution in radians and round your answer to 4 decimal places Consider the equation tan(3.25t)-6.6. Find the smallest positive... more
Radians Trigonometry


Find the measure of the central angle (in radians) subtended by an arc of length 6 centimeters in a circle of radius 4 centimeters.

Find the measure of the central angle (in radians) subtended by an arc of length 6 centimeters in a circle of radius 4 centimeters.
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