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Find the angle

find the angle that is less than 360 degrees and coterminal with 45 degrees. 


Suppose ? is an angle in standard position

Suppose θ is an angle in standard position And cos θ=-1/2 and sinθ=-square root of 3 over 2. Can the value of θ be 60 degrees? Can it be -120 degrees ? 

Write the complex number in polar form

4-3i   Express in 0 less than theta less than 360


find a polynomial function of degree 2 whose x intercept are -1 and 5 and whose range is (-∞,9)  



If sin(theta) < 0 and tan(theta) > 0 then: Answer choices:  90degrees < theta... more
Degrees Polynomials


What is the degree of the polynomial 2st4 + s2t2 - 9s5t + 21 ?

What is the degree of the polynomial 2st4 + s2t2 - 9s5t + 21 ?Choose one answer. A. 2   B. 4   C. 6   D. 21

Evaluate (3/4)x^0

evaluate (3/4)x0


What is the tangent function?

I'm not asking what it does, and I'm not looking for "tan(angle)=opposite leg/adjacent leg". I'm asking what the actual function is. For instance, using degrees (not radians) tan(22.5)=20.5 - 1.... more
Degrees Angles


what is the degrees of a hexagon

what is the degrees of a hexagon

GOAL: To verify the stability of a roof by using geometry to prove that two triangles are congruent.

  https://blendedschools.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-25771833-dt-content-rid-11790399_2/xid-11790399_2   OR... more
Degrees Trigonometry


What are the answers to -4+sin(x)=-8+sqrt2/2

I need to know how to find the two answers between 0 and 2 pi. I need the answers in degrees, not radians. there should be two answers

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